1932The Invention of the Ford V8 Engine FINE FOR NOT STOPPING BAG OH PATATO’S

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    If your your feeling a little lonely in these times of isolation and your not able to get your car fix like some of us, Then this

    wonderful 1932 Ford documentary will not only make you the smartest person knowledgeable on 1932 Fords at the next swap meet ,

    You can dazzel your friends with overwhelming tabulated data about 1932 Fords people will think you worked for Henry at the ROUGE assembly plant….

    Father more  watching this Documentary you came clam you took the FORD school  class in 1932 and start disagreements on face book with less knowledgeable,



    witch could lead to several more hours of killing boredom as tho i do not do face book , Im sure there is lots of volatile crazy trolls to have fun with….


    I got a laugh with Marion Indiana POLICE  in 1932 you would be fine in POTATO’S  !!! For any traffic offences….

    If you had non then it cost you your wife’s best laying hen…!! And her flour , So you would get no cake …..!!

    Most of all the mental punishment of your wife whining you lost the only chicken and her cooking flour…..!!

    I think loosing the potatoes was a better deal…..


    None the less I wish every one safety / love / and and most of all mental health in these tough times……..


    If any one has anything they wish to speak about please speak up on the C.C.C AS WE ARE ALL HERE FOR ONE ANOTHER………!!

    Rik has givin us a sanctuary to visit that we can all support………

    Thank you Rik….!


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