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Rogelio 1954 Chevy


Rogelio 1954 CHEVY SOLD


Rogelio Martinez bought this car as a far from finished project back in 2000. He saw the cars potential and over the next decade he built his dream Custom. Now its time to let go. SOLD

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Rogelio Martinez (Roger) from Houston, Texas has been into old cars for as long as he can remember, but when he visited a Texas Good Guys Cars show he spotted a gorgeous chopped 1950 Mercury. From that time everything changed, he just knew he had to have a Custom like that one day, so the search began. In 2000 Roger came across an cheap 1954 Chevy Sedan in New Mexico. The car was very rough, incomplete with no engine or transmission, missing the floor boards, wiring no glass, no bumpers, and the fenders were held together on the car with 4 bungee cords and 4 bullet holes. Still Roger managed to see that this project was ideal for him, and when he closed his eyes, he saw the car in front of him how it now looks. When he brought the project home his wife could not quite see that same picture and according Rogelio the look on her face was priceless.

Smoothed hood, ’56 Oldsmobile headlights, removed bumper guards and 4 additional ’54 Chevy grille teeth, give the Chevy a very tough look.

The 1956 Oldsmobile front fenders and headlights were matted to the Chevy units and the Chevy wind-splits eliminated in the process.

Over time Roger located all the missing parts from visiting California swap meets, for the dream custom he had in his mind. The ’56 Packard taillights, bumpers, the ’56 Oldsmobile front fenders, the floor boards and a new wiring kit, bumpers, and all new glass. The top on the Chevy was chopped a heavy 6 full inched with leaned forward B-pillars by Miguel Zarate. He also added a new rear window which is a turned upside down ’51 Chevy Business Coupe unit.

Adrian, another friend and member from the Los Cochinos Car Club did all the work on the beautiful looking front fenders. He incorporated the top portion of the ’56 Oldsmobile fenders to the bottom half of the Chevy fenders. The rear fenders had to be modified to make the ’56 Packard taillights fit, a job also handled by Strays Car Club president Miguel Zarate. A stock ’54 Chevy rear bumper would not work right with the new extended rear fenders with Packard Taillights, so Roger found a pair of ’56 Mercury units that had the perfect look for him. They shaved off most of the trim, but Roger kept the belt line and rocker trim to make the car look longer and sleeker. All the final body work in preparation of the beautiful deep metallic blue paint job was done by DavidDutchvan Renzellier. The paint was applied by Alex HernandezGarage Arte”.

Miguel Zarate did the work on incorporating the ’56 Packard taillights into the Chevy rear fenders. Notice the notched rear bumper to allow the exhaust pipes to sit a bit higher.

The rear bumper on the Chevy comes from a ’56 mercury, and it took Rogelio two bumpers, to create what he needed. The bumper guards are ’54 Chevy units, modified to fit the mercury bumper. (Trent Sherrill photo)

This low angle side view shows the smooth flow of the heavy, 6 inch chopped top. The B-pillars were leaned forward to help with the streamline shape. The Airbag set up allows for any stance you prefer.

Close up of the Oldsmobile front fender addition to the the Chevy. The 1956 Dodge Royal Lancer hubcaps on wide whites is just the perfect combination for Roger’s Chevy.

Extended down and flush fitting skirts with Buick trim.

During the more than a decade Roger has been working on his project he has had all the support from his Strays Car Club brothers. They have helped make this a reality for him. Since the car was finished around 2015 he has been driving the car everywhere. Even with the 235 in-line 6 motor the 4 speed transmission. The 4 speed really helps keeping up with traffic. Roger has had tons of fun with the car, but it’s time to let it go, and move on to a new project. So the car is now offered for Sale. (contact info at the end of the article)

A stock ’54 Chevy steering wheel was beautiful restored and painted to match the body and interior. The Low-Rider inspired Metalflake and Candy painted dash is the work of Miguel Zarate.

Stock ‘Chevy seats were beautifully upholstered in medium blue and white leatherette by Abel from Abel Upholstery in Houston, Texas.

Close up of the Metalflake and candy painted dash.

Interior overview.

Roger’s Chevy was also subject of famous Car photographer Trent Sherrill Photo Shoot.

Cruising… on their way to another car show.

At one of the many outdoor car shows Roger went to over the past couple of years. The beautiful pin-striping was done by Rogelio himself.

The 235 in-line 6 engine with the 4 speed transmission is reliable and more than capable to make it a daily user. Eric doyon “Lefty” came up with the bright idea of installing the Webber carburetor on the car.

A few in progress photos along the way.

Metalflake and Candy paintwork in progress by Miguel Zarate.

1954 Chevy Specs

  • 1954 Chevy
  • Chopped 6 inches, shaved drip rails
  • 1951 Chevy Business coupe rear window
  • 1956 Oldsmobile front fenders sections grafted to the Chevy units.
  • 1956 packaged taillights in modified Chevy rear fenders
  • 1956 Mercury rear bumper, modified
  • Extended flush skirts with ’41 Buick trim
  • Shaved door handles
  • Shaved and smoothed hood and trunk
  • Stock grille with 4 extra teeth
  • Body work by David “Dutch” van Renzellier
  • Paint job done by Alex Hernandez “garage arte”
  • Dash paint done in metal flake and candy, patterns done by Miguel Zarate in north Hollywood ca.
  • Interior done in white and bright blue Tuck&Roll by Abel from Abel Upholstery in Houston Texas
  • Stereo in the glove box with two 6×8 speakers in the kick panels
  • 2 link set up done by Adrian Arizmendi in Houston Texas
  • 1969 Camaro rear end front disc brake , 3” drop spindle, step notch done by Rudy Rivera
  • Motor, is a 235 in-line 6, Saginaw 4 speed transmission
  • Airbag set up Firestone bags all around Viair compressor done by Jesse “Mushu” Zapien
  • Mustang 2 gas-tank




The car is located in Houston, Texas





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