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February 6, 2018

1948 Chevy Coupe




This 1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster Coupe was originally built by Glenn Patrick in 1985. In 2008 Glenn sold it to a new owner who had it repainted, stripped and added his personal style to the car.

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This 1948 Chevy Stylemaster Coupe was Customized by Glenn “The Cat” Patrick in Beavercreek, Ohio back in 1985. Glenn had been inspired by the Barris built Chevy that was created for the 1958 black and white movie High School Confidential starring Mamie Van Doren. When Glenn was a young kid he had seen a picture of two identical ’46-48 Chevy turned 3-window coupes parked in front of the old Barris Shop. That image had stayed with him all his life, and when he came across a very nice 1948 Chevy Coupe in the early 1980’s he decided he would create his tribute Custom based on the old Barris Car. More on the original version of this 1948 Chevy can be found in this Custom Car Chronicle Article.

In 1985 Glenn Patrick built his version of the Barris Restyled High School Confidential Coupe based on a 1948 Chevy.


To get the right shape of the top Glenn chopped it around 5 inches in the front and one inch more in the back for the perfect profile. The door post were stretched and the rear quarter windows were filled in. The rear of the roof was angled forward and re contoured. The rear window cut down in the new forward position till it looked right compared to the side windows. Since the old glass was tempered and could not be cut Glenn found suitable glass on an old Ford Granada windshield which he cut down to fit. The rear fenders were molded to the body, like Barris did in the old days. All door handles and trim was removed for the smooth look and the “too Busy” 48 Chevy grille was replaced with a cleaner looking ’46 Chevy unit. Glenn added tear drop shaped 1940 Ford fender skirts, frenched the headlights and created custom molded in surrounds for 1950 Pontiac taillights. Glenn also shaved the stock Chevy bumpers and added ’49 Chevy license guards to both bumpers.

Glenn enjoyed the car for several decades, he drove the Chevy all over the East Coast and showed it at many local and not so local shows. Wherever the car went it left a big impact on young and old. The old remembering the style of Custom from the 1950’s and the young falling in love with the sinister look of the super low classic looking Custom. Around 2007 Glenn decided it was time to let the car go. The car was listed for sale online and in 2008 Jim Eckard heard about this nice ’48 Chevy for sale. Jim had recently sold his ’32 coupe and was looking for something more Custom. Jim ended up buying the car and after sitting in his garage for some time he started updating the car to make it his.

Rear 3/4 view photo from the Street Rodder Magazine article shows the stunning lines on his Custom 1948 Chevy Three Window Coupe.


The photos for the Street Rodder article were taken shortly after the second owner, Jim Eckard had finished adding his personal touches. The car is still very recognizable as the Glenn “the Cat” Patrick “The Villain” Chevy Custom.


The ’85 paint dark maroon paint job had seen better days so Jim took it over to Arthur’s Auto Body and Frame in Phoenix to have them repaint the car in a non-metallic maroon that matched the original paint Glenn Patrick had used. This way the Dash did not have to be repainted, which was important since George Barris had signed the glove box (on the inside) back in 1995, and it would have been a shame to cover that up in new paint. Chavos Pinstriping, also from from Phoenix was asked to highlight every body line and panel with cream and red colored striping. The hood was “decorated” with “stick-on” oval portholes. The interior of the car done in marine off white Naugahyde looked still very good, so it was just cleaned up, but otherwise left alone. The carpets however had been worn down over the years, so those were redone using the originals as pattern by Hot Rod Interiors in Peoria, Arizona.


The non metallic maroon paint was done in 2012 and looks absolutely stunning.


The car can be seen here with some air added to the rear suspension.


When Glenn originally built the car he wanted to create a smooth cruiser that he could drive anywhere. So the chassis was updated with a ’74 Nova front clip and an ’80 Olds Cutlass rear suspension system. For the rear Glenn added air shocks for more comfortable high way cruising. The car is outfitted with Steel wheels (15×6) with Coker BFGoodrich white wall tires (215/70-15 and 235/75-15) and the original Sombrero Hubcaps Glenn had installed were replaced with ’57 Cadillac hubcaps with custom centers. Jim also had a special set of custom 1959 Cadillac taillights made that were set into the molded in surrounds that Glenn had created in 1985.

Auto & Truck Specialists in Glendale, Arizona, installed a 350ci Chevy V8, which was installed in front of a smoothed firewall and outfitted with a COMP Cams camshaft, a Moroso aluminum water pump, early Corvette valve covers, an Edelbrock manifold, and twin Edelbrock carbs. A TH350 trans was also bolted up, which is fitted with a Hughes 2700 stall converter.


The pinstriping done on the car in 2012 gives the Chevy a very much mid 1950’s look, when heavy contrasting striping was the big hit.



Jim enjoyed his personalized ’48 Chevy for several years, and showed it at many shows where it gathered a fair share of awards. Most of the shows Jim went to were in the greater Phoenix metro area, but in 2013 he also took it to the prestigious Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona California. Here the Chevy placed 3rd in the “Early Customs” class at the 64th Annual Grand National Roadster Show, 2nd place went to the legendary builder John D’Agostino that year. Very exclusive company to say the least.

Other awards include the “Steele the Show” award at the 2015 Goodguys Nationals, Street Rodder Top 100 in 2012, Goodguys Fall Nationals “Award of Excellence” in 2012, Goodguys Top 100 at the 2012 Spring Nationals, Goodguys Southwest Nationals “Cool Custom” in 2011, and the Memory Lane award at the Goodguys Nationals 2008.

After having enjoyed the car for some time Jim decided he wanted to have a Hot Rod again and sold the Chevy to the current owner Steve Montgomery from Phoenix, Arizona. Since Steve owned the car he has driven the car around Phoenix, and took it to several local car shows where the car still draws huge crowds. Since the new engine was installed in 2008 the car has driven 6500 carefree miles. But in late 2017 Steve decided it is time for a new caretaker of this Custom 1948 Chevy 3-window Coupe, and sold it to a new owner in California in March 2018.

The interior is equipped with working heat, A/C, and a more modern stereo system with cassette player. The dash still has the stock gauges, with some extra instruments mounted below. Interior features all work correctly, including the clock. 54k miles are shown on the odometer.


The split front bench folds forward to reach the fully upholstered rear compartment. Complete interior is upholstered in authentic late 50’s early 50’s style off white tuck & roll Naugahyde with maroon piping.


The rear bench and view of the modified rear window with Ford Granada windshield section for glass.


The interior was done in 1985 and still looks very good today.


Seating view in the Chevy. The color coordinated 1948 Chevy steering wheel has an hand painted start on the custom bullet center. The striping and the ornaments were added in 2012.


The original 1948 Chevy Clock is still working. The Kustoms of America crest was added to the car after 1994.


In 1995 George Barris signed the inside of the glove box door. The signature is still there today.


The ’46-48 Chevy rear always looks beautiful with molded in fenders and smoothed trunk, but on this Chevy the filled in rear 3/4 windows and super low chopped top profile makes it totally slippery.


No matter what angle you look at this ’48 Chevy Custom, it always looks super nice, but the low, rear 3/4 view is my personal favorite view.


The 15×6″ steel wheels are fitted with 1957 Cadillac wheel covers with star painted Custom Bullet Center, and Coker BF Goodrich wide whitewall tires.


The trunk of the Chevy is upholstered as nice as the rest of the interior. With new carpets done in 2012. The inside of the deck lid is done in off-white tuck & roll. The air compressor can be reached from an door behind the top basket.


Power comes from a 350ci Chevy V8 backed by a TH350 automatic transmission. Modifications include an Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold, dual four-barrel carburetors, a COMP Cams camshaft, Hughes 2700 stall converter, and a shift kit. A set of aluminum valve covers from an early Corvette is fitted, and the recessed portions are color matched to the body.


The dummy Appleton S-112 Spotlights are decorated with cream colored stars outlined in maroon striping. The portholes on the hood were added by the second owner, they are the “stick on” kind, taped to the hood.


The original 1950 Pontiac taillights added in 1985 were replaced with sunken 1959 Cadillac taillights. The taillights have additional cream colored striping added in 2012.


Working cowl vent is still in place for the more traditional look, even though the cars interior is now climate controled with a more modern AC unit.


Smoothed bumper up front with the 1946 Chevy grille for a cleaner, look that the stock 1948 Chevy unit. The top bar was dechromed and painted body color on the remake in 2012.


The rear bumper also had its bolts welded to the bumpers and smoothed before re-plated. The license plate is protected with an 1949 Chevy guard, classic Custom touch. The smoothed deck-lid was pin striped in 2012 for the second owner.


In 1985 the frame was modified with the addition of a 1974 Nova front clip and the rear suspension from a 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Air shocks were installed at the rear for smoother freeway cruising.


Four page feature article of the ’48 Chevy in the June 2013 Street Rodder Magazine.


Hand painted sign done in 2012 will be included with the car.


Photos showing the chopped top under construction in Glenn Patrick’s garage back in 1985. These and many more are included with the car.



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