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RESTYLING 1957 Chevy Pick Up




For a client I did a series of quick Digital Restyling proposals to give him some ideas what he could do with his 1957 Chevy Pick-Up Truck.

The idea for this Digital Restyling project was to create a custom truck that looked like it could have been built in the later part of the 1950’s. A truck with a lot of custom work done to it, but which all needed to be done in a classic style, enhancing the looks of the truck.

The client, a well experienced craftsman, planned to spend a lot of time customizing the truck, so the amount of restyling was basically un-limited. This article shows just a few of the Restyling proposals. All basically rough design studies to figure out the final direction the client wanted to go. The captions below each version below, tells a little more about that specific version. Enjoy.

CCC-57-Chevy-Pick-Up-Restyling-00-WOriginal photo I started with. A nice late 1950’s photo I found on the internet. The car and photo had the look and feel we were after. The white wall tires and hubcaps were already perfect for the them. 

CCC-57-Chevy-Pick-Up-Restyling-01-WVersion 1. First thing to do was remove the lettering and shave the body of its handles and emblems. The while car was lowered with a little more in the front for a nice rake that suits this ind of pick up truck really well.

CCC-57-Chevy-Pick-Up-Restyling-02-WVersion 2. Next up was a pie cut sectioning of the hood, and sectioning of the top and cutting down the windshield to match. This relieved the top from the heavy hat feel. The grille was cleaned up and the car was lowered a bit more.

CCC-57-Chevy-Pick-Up-Restyling-03-WVersion 3. Next up was a much more elaborate version The top was chopped, the body was sectioned above the belt line. The bumper was removed and replaced with a slightly v-ed 1957 DeSoto bumper/grille. The lower part of the front was reshaped with a roll pan below the new bumper/grille unit. The front wheel opening was reduced in hight and the opening reshaped to for the DeSoto bumper/grille unit. Fender skirts were added to the rear, and for this version the rear was lowered a bit more.

CCC-57-Chevy-Pick-Up-Restyling-04-WVersion 4. Same as above, but now with no skirts and the same rake as before.

CCC-57-Chevy-Pick-Up-Restyling-06-WVersion 5. For this version the De Soto bumper/grille was lowered a bit, and an extra floating grille bar was added. The front fenders were reshaped around a set of 1958 Lincoln quad headlight.) The new headlights were canted forward to the same angle as the A-Pillars. The pick up bed was modified with a different model center section.

CCC-57-Chevy-Pick-Up-Restyling-07-WVersion 6. Nearly the same as above, but now with 3, smaller diameter, floating grille bars, a smoothed pick up bed sides with modified 1958 Chevy side trim.


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5 thoughts on “RESTYLING 1957 Chevy Pick Up

  • This is great Rik! I love your digital restyling posts, as well as your folder of the same on the Custom Car Photo Archive. I appreciate seeing the various versions as well as the shots of the progression to the finished product. How much time does it take you to do something like this? Like this particular one, for example?

    The itself design is great. Almost everyone who builds “custom” trucks these days doesn’t do much actual customizing to them. I’m not saying something can’t be mild and still be cool, but around where I live, old trucks from the 1940s-1960s are a dime-a-dozen. I see the stock versions all the time, so it’s nice to see something different. Thanks for putting these up!

  • Phenomenal work as usual Rik! I wonder how much of your time is spent searching for the elements you envision. When I do this sort of thing it seems nearly impossible to find that item I seek in just the right perspective. Changing shapes, colours, etc. is one thing; finding that certain bumper or piece of trim shown from a useful angle is quite another and very, very time consuming. I assume you have a vast digital resource for such custom bits that you have built up over the years?

    Thanks for these flights of fancy. Always insightful!

  • Nice job, Rik. My favorite grille was the last.

    Are there any ’57 Desoto grille/bumpers left? I haven’t seen one in years. Of course, there are probably hundreds stashed away in garages of custom car nuts like us!

  • Great job nobody chops up trucks any more..expect me. The the styling ideas.

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