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Watson ’58 GMC


Metallic blue with black outlines striped in contrasting silver give this Larry Watson painted GMC pick-up the perfect look.

Larry had three photos of this 1959 GMC pick up in his archive. Sadly the photos came with no name of the owner, nor any other specific information. Hopefully some of our readers will recognize the truck from the late 1950’s or early 1960’s and can tell us a little more about the truck.
Larry painted the pick up in metallic blue with black outlines and silver striping. Larry was a master to pick up the right amount of body lines to highlight with his outline painting style. This way the truck looked longer, lower and over all much more classy. The car was customized when it was near new. The black and white photo in Larry’s archives is dated April 1959.

We do not know who did the rest of the work on the truck, but what was done was very nice, and classy. Everything that was done fitting within the theme, and really enhanced the looks of the truck. The suspension was lowered and a set of white walls with custom hubcaps mounted. The interior and tonneau cover were upholstered in white with dark blue diamond pattern tuck ‘n roll inserts. The car has lakes pipes, as well as custom made pipes following the top of the pick up bed, custom hubcaps, spots and a nice stance.

[box_light]This article shows a selection of photos from a Watson painted ‘1958 GMC. The photos come from the Larry Watson Personal Photo Collection. More on Larry’s personal collection can be found in the Larry Watson section on the CCC-Site. Or on the Custom Car Photo Archive.[/box_light]








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