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Valley Custom Shop 1941 Ford


Gary Emory ( the son of he late Neil Emory, one of the partners of Valley Custom Shop) surprised us recently with a photo of a Custom 1941 Ford created by the Valley Custom Shop


We’d never heard about this car before. Gary told us this car was owned by Kurt (he couldn’t remember his last name) who was a merchant Marine and had the shop work on his car while he was out to sea. According to Gary this was the most radical 1941 Ford to leave the Valley Custom Shop ever… and yeah! we think he’s completely right there.

The car is really radical and unlike any other custom car created by the Valley Custom Shop. The car has a wonderful mix of the typical late 1940’s early 1950’s molded looks we are used to see from the Barris and Ayala shop.  The subtile changes such as the opened wheel opening, the raising of the fenders, the removal of the running boards and the leaned back windshield. All more subtile changes we are used of from the Valley Custom Shop. The business coupe (short doors) has been chopped with a lid back windshield and a very nice sloop on the rear portion of the roof, a perfect balance between the side and rear quarter windows and nicely rounded corners.

We really appreciate the way the running boards and whole bottom of the main body has been removed and how the fenders are raised to sit at the same level as the now shorter body. The hood was sectioned accordingly. The fenders were welded solid and also had the crease hammered smooth and molded to the body. This all results in a very pleasing profile.

Gary saw the car for the last time when he was 13-14 years old. Back then the car was painted white with a leopard skin motive seat covers. Unfortunately this is the only photo Gary has ever been able to find of this car.


Rik Hoving

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