C. C. Alexander’s 1950 Ford Sports Custom


These two photos are some of the earlier pieces that became part of the Custom Car Photo Archive.
Both photos show the Sports Custom 1950 Ford Shoebox from C. C. Alexander of Miami, Florida.

Besides C.C. Alexanders Sports Custom we can see the Larry Ernst 1951 Chevy built by Barris on the left. And on the right side of the photo we see another 1951 shoebox Custom. This one is owned by Charles Mamoroneck’s.

The center point of the photos is the 1950 Ford shoebox owned by C.C. Alexander. This car was made into a two seater Sports Customs by H. R. Jenks of Doray, Inc. The body was sectioned, the hood welded to the front fenders to make one solid piece that flips open. An Oldsmobile grille bar was used with accessory overriders on the bumper acting as grille teeth. The windshield was made from curved Plexiglass set into a v-ed frame. The rear of the body was also welded to one single unit. The car was featured in a few backing in the early 1950’s including on the cover of Motorsport magazine of August 1951.

The second photo has the Motorsport magazine cover the car was on as an inset. It is nice to see the car in color.
The smooth two piece body is really amazing and its hard to visualize this now Sports Car was once an ordinairy family car.

Charles Mamoroneck’s 1951 Ford on the right of the first photo has some very unique customizing going on as well. Starting with a 1951 Ford Sedan. The top was cut of completely. A 1950 Oldsmobile windshield was installed at the front and a 1950 Mercury rear window with surrounding sheet metal installed at the back. The remaining part of the top was formed from the 1951 Ford sedan roof that was cut off earlier, creating a custom three window body.

Both photos were taken in 1952 at the New York Motor Sports shows.

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