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Sam Climo Uncovered Custom




Uncovering an old custom and sharing it with the public is always very exciting, but in this case it is even more exciting since the sectioned 1949 Ford of Sam Climo is is such fantastic condition. Sam Climo Uncovered Custom, lets take a closer look.

Thom Metz has known about the Sam Climo Sectiond 1949 Ford since the early 2000’s. But it was not unit early December 2015 before he was able to take some photos of the car and share them with the world on his Facebook.
This is how Thom announced the Uncovered Custom on Facebook
His buddy (Jack Stewart) was having the Polynesian built & his Dad was able to get a rolled 49 convertible.., so they sectioned it… when the 51’s came out with the Vic it was easier to install a chopped top than reworking the convertible top… they added 52 front wheel well openings & finished it up with an Olds motor w/auto trans… Showed it back in the day… They never took their cars to the same shows… After his Dad passed he couldn’t think of letting it go so it’s been a covered garage queen since the late 50’s…. You never know what hidden treasures are out there…

CCC-sam-climo-49-ford-sectioned-01Thom wanted to just show a sneak peek at first, but after getting many request he went back and took a few more photos with a little more of the sheets removed. But the first photos only showed details of the car. 


CCC-sam-climo-49-ford-sectioned-02The use of the 56 DeSoto grille, sectioned body and lipped wheel openings quickly gave away which car it was. I was very excited to see how great the car still looked.


CCC-sam-climo-49-ford-sectioned-03The dash still holds its original Barris custom mixed Moon Glow Copper paint applied in 1953.


CCC-sam-climo-49-ford-sectioned-04Raised tunnel was needed after the body drop and sectioning. The interior was originally done in yellow, and later spray-died.


CCC-sam-climo-49-ford-sectioned-05In the 1960s a set of Cragar S/S and a set of wonderful Goodyear Double Eagles were mounted. Those are still on the car today.

The Sectioned Shoebox was created by¬†Sam & John Climo started in 1950 completed it 1953, and later mildly updated several times. The Custom¬†was¬†shown extensively in the 50’s… The family¬†has clippings & trophys,¬†and they kept a scrap book which includes a list of components written out on the back of a Pall Mall carton. Thom has¬†known about the car since the early 2000’s… He is actually talking about getting it running.¬†Thom is now talking to the family to see if they feel like¬†having the car¬†brought to the Autorama¬†show. Hopefully that will happen, and we can see the car in its full glory.

The sectioned shoebox was completed in 1953 and¬†Moon Glow Copper paint was ordered from Barris Kustoms… Two years later¬†in 1955 it was repainted black, but they never really cared for that. The dash always remained the original Barris mixed paint. And later they used the dash to color mix some new paint and repainted the car again.

CCC-sam-climo-49-ford-sectioned-06Steering universal joints along with a power unit… was needed after the engine was replaced with the Oldsmobile Rocket engine. Notice the reshape inner wheel panels.¬†


CCC-sam-climo-49-ford-sectioned-07The rear bumper is the stock 1949 Ford unit with the guards removed and replaice with a Kaiser guard/bar. The taillights are replaced with 1951 Ford units, including the chrome wind-splits.


CCC-sam-climo-49-ford-sectioned-19The stock bumpers where modified with thru-bumper exhaust tips.


CCC-sam-climo-49-ford-sectioned-20The Sectioned Shoebox was named “The Quivira” which was etched on the C-pillar stainless.

Thom also mentioned another another neat story that was shared about the car. After a car show, Ford sent a rep out to look at the steering… because of the body/frame position & the Olds engine his Dad used a small universal joints work the steering / a common practise today but not in 1953.
“The wheels and tires that are on the car were obviously¬†added later… Tires from the 50’s didn’t last as long as they do today… After 57 14’s were predominate… I’m sure by the mid 60’s it was easier to change wheels than to find narrow WW15’sOther than dyed seats & repainted twice… It’s still family owned since 1950.”


CCC-sam-climo-49-ford-sectioned-11Using 1952 Ford wheel lips back in 1952-53 was pretty unique as well. 


CCC-sam-climo-49-ford-sectioned-12The bumper guards were replaced with 1954 Chevy units, the grille opening cut down and later filled with a 1956 DeSoto grille. The headlights were later also replaced with 1955 Buick units which are all still on the car today.


CCC-sam-climo-49-ford-sectioned-13The seats and side panels were spry-died copper at one point, but the headliner is still the original yellow unit installed in the early/mid 1950’s.

The magazine back in the 1950’s have always listed the car as a 1951 Ford, due to the 1951 Ford parts used thru-out, But the car caem from the factory as an 1949 convertible The dash is¬†still the original 1949 unit.

CCC-sam-climo-49-ford-sectioned-14This is how the Sam Climo sectioned shoebox looked like in 1956. Wide white wall tires and skirts, change the look of this car completely with how it looks today.


CCC-sam-climo-49-ford-sectioned-18This is how the car looked in 1958, painted black. The yellow interior can be seen really well in this great color picture from the Jim Aemon collection in the Rodder’s Journal Scrapbook.


We hope to be able to share you more on the Sam Climo Sectioned Shoebox in the near future. Hopefully the family decides to have the car at the Autorama show and share it with the public in all its glory. We will keep you posted here on the Custom Car Chronicle. Stay tuned…

Many thanks to Thom Metz for sharing the photos and stories and Mick Fairlane for the link.



Rik Hoving

Rik is the CCC editor in chief. As a custom car historian he is researching custom car history for many years. In 2004 he started the Custom Car Photo Archive that has become a place of joy for many custom car enthousiasts. Here at CCC Rik will bring you inspiring articles on the history of custom cars and builders. Like a true photo detective he will show us what's going on in all those amazing photos. He will write stories about everything you want to know in the realm of customizing. In daily life Rik is a Graphic Designer. He is married to the CCC webmaster and the father of a 10 year old son (they are both very happy with his excellent cooking skills)

3 thoughts on “Sam Climo Uncovered Custom

  • As I was reading I thought ‘wow, that copper interior looks great’, then further reading revealed it being yellow originally. Yellow? Then I see the headliner and it appears to be a sort of saffron shade which looked awesome as well! Another nifty custom unearthed! Mucho modifying resulted in a good looking car didn’t it? Sometimes more can be better! The foresight to hang on to the car essentially as it was intended is really something too. It’s great when these treasures come to light again.

    Thanks Rik, Thom and the Climo clan for this.

  • so neat to see other kustoms i allways have like 51 hardtops, this one the interior looks good the color is awesome, thanks rik ,

  • Neat shoebox! Was the rear window plexiglass? What an incredible find with it being in such great condition and preserved with original Barris-mixed paint on the dash…can’t wait to see it hit the shows again ūüôā

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