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Ina Mae Overman Lincoln Part Two




Ina Mae Overman’s 1952 Lincoln Capri was customized by the famous Valley Custom Shop in Burbank, California. The car was customized, and finished in four different versions. This is the second article in a series about the Lincoln Capri, showing the second version of the car.

CCC-Overman-52-Lincoln-P2-Comp These two-side view photos give a good view on how the changes affect the overall feel of the Lincoln. The reshaped wheel openings front and rear give the car a much more sporty look. (The bottom photo is mirrored on purpose to help better show the difference in the two versions)

Ina Mae enjoyed her car like this for a little over a year. During that time she already made a list of things she would like to change. Improvements to make the car look even better. And once again she took her Lincoln to the Valley Custom Shop where Neil Emory and Clayton Jensen took her notes and sketches, and updated the car once more.

The most obvious changes were the radiused wheel openings front, and rear giving the car a new sporty look. The removal of the door handles, which were now operated by a push button hidden behind the newly added Lincoln emblem on the rear quarters. A set of chrome plated wire wheels were the perfect addition for the new sporty look. The stock side trim was removed, and replaced by a nice curved unit from a 1954 Buick, which worked really well with the customized vertical trim piece on the rear quarter panel.

CCC-Overman-52-Lincoln-P2-02The addition of the Buick side trim blends the shape of the top, and the shape of the custom scoop trim piece in a whole different way than on the first version. The whole car has become more swoopy now.


Ina also had plans to dress up the engine, and had the team at the Valley Custom Shop already punch some louvres in the hood. But for this version the engine stayed factory stock. When all the body work was finished, the car was repainted in white, but the top remained the same Nash gold as before. This is how the car appeared in the 1954 Motorama show.

CCC-Overman-52-Lincoln-P2-03Ina May entered the car at the Peterson’s Motorama in 1954.

CCC-Overman-52-Lincoln-P2-01The chrome wire wheels give the car a completely different look over the first version with full hubcaps. The long rear fenders covering the spare tire cover look very natural.

CCC-Overman-52-Lincoln-P2-06The boy was the son of Ina Mae’sĀ best friend. His name was Steven Bovan. Since his parents were much older, they had no interest in cars. Besides the car shows, Ina MaeĀ would take her daughter Marry Ellen and StevenĀ to the drags where StevenĀ developed his interest in that form of racing. After high school he went on to race professionally, racing early funny cars for his employer, Blair’s Speed Shop. He was murdered in the 70s.

CCC-Overman-52-Lincoln-P2-07“Please do not handle”, reads the hanging sign in the Lincoln used on an outdoor show.

CCC-Overman-52-Lincoln-P2-09A closer look at the the extended rear fenders.

CCC-Overman-52-Lincoln-P2-04Ina Mae also entered the Lincoln at the outdoor show, held at the Hollywood Park Horse race track parking lot.Ā More about this event can be seen in this CCC-Article.

CCC-Overman-52-Lincoln-P2-ML54The December 1954 issue of Motor Life magazine devoted a full spread on the new version on Ina Mae Overman’s 1952 Lincoln.

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