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Lee Pratt’s ’55 Nomad Recreated


In the late 1960’s Lee Pratt built a gorgeous 1955 Chevy Nomad for himself. Lee is now putting the final touches on the recreation of this trend setting Nomad.

Lee Pratt spend the last couple of years working his spare time at his shop on the recreation of his own personal 1955 Chevy Nomad he did in the late 1960’s. The car he used this time needed a little more work that the about perfect Nomad he started with the first time. Lee had hoped he would have finished the car already by now, but the rough state of the Nomad took him a little longer to get the car up to his standards than he had anticipated. All the restoration work has been done and Lee is now in the last stages, adding the paint and the rest of the details.
Brandon Glymph shared some photos of Lee Pratt recreating his old 1955 Chevy Nomad custom on his Facebook.

We are looking forward to see Lee finish the car and see it outside and at shows in the near future.

CCC-Lee-Pratt-Nomad-00-WAs it looked like in the early 1970’s.


CCC-Lee-Pratt-Nomad-02-WGetting ready for paint


CCC-Lee-Pratt-Nomad-04-WMetalflake based coat for the top.


CCC-Lee-Pratt-Nomad-07-WMasking off the sections that will not get the lace pattern.


CCC-Lee-Pratt-Nomad-08-WCovering the top with the lace.


The photos below were taken from a computer screen so there is a slight pattern in the photos making it look like the paint is not even.


CCC-Lee-Pratt-Nomad-14-WFinished paint, except for the thin flames.

CCC-Lee-Pratt-Nomad-11-WWith the line thin flames added.







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