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June 19, 2015

Larry Watson Cadillacs Part Two

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Written by: Rik Hoving
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Part two in the series of photos of Cadillacs custom painted by Larry Watson. Very colorful and amazing photos from Larry’s Personal Photo Collection.

This is the second part in a series of two on the Cadillacs custom painted by Larry Watson. In the late 1950’s and early/mid 1960’s the Cadillac were very popular amongst the car guys. This period, when the line between the Custom Car scene and the low-rider scene began to fade, and new styles were born. Larry painted a huge amount of cadillac’s in the most wild, mild and experimental colors.

In the past we already had done a special article on Larry’s personal 1959 Cadillac and will do another one on his 1958 Brougham in the future. In this article we will again share some really great samples of Cadillac custom painted by Larry… in no particular order. The majority of the photos in Larry’s Collection were made shortly after the cars were finished, parked in front of Larry’s shops, before the customer would pick them up.
Sadly a lot of Larry’s photos did not came with any information. Form some of the cars in the photos we know the owners name, others not. If somebody recognizes any of these cars, please let us know. We would love to add the names to these amazing cars in the photos.

We hope you will enjoy the Larry Watson Cadillacs Part Two.

This article shows a selection of photos of Cadillac Custom Cars. All these photos come from the Larry Watson Personal Photo Collection. More on Larry’s personal collection can be found in the Larry Watson section on the CCC-Site. Or on the Custom Car Photo ArchiveSpecial thanks to Roger O’Dell for scanning this amazing material and sharing them with us on the Custom Car Chronicle.

CCC-larry-watson-cadillacs-part2-01Calvin Weicamp’s Candy red wit silver top 1959 Cadillac with wire wheels and double thin line white wall tires on the front and single units on the back.


CCC-larry-watson-cadillacs-part2-03Larry had his employee Ed Gray do the customizing on his 1961 Cadillac. The work included shortening the top fins with ten inches, double headlights, custom fine tubular grille and belflower tips. Then Larry painted the Cadillac in black pearl with a fine silver top.


CCC-larry-watson-cadillacs-part2-02This is the same Cadillac as above, which Larry redid in bright Candy Red with a champagne flaked roof. By then he had given the car to his wife Amedee.


CCC-larry-watson-cadillacs-part2-04Another 1961 Cadillac was painted a deep plum purple pearl with a silver top. The car had a tubular grille, a nice rake with thin line white wall tires with chrome reversed wheels.


CCC-larry-watson-cadillacs-part2-05Really great looking Fuchsia pearl with silver top painted 1962 Cadillac photographed at Larry’s Lakewood Blvd. shop in Paramount, Ca. This one also has a set of thin line white wall tires mounted on chrome reserve wheels to give the car a more aggressive look.


CCC-larry-watson-cadillacs-part2-061961 Convertible in a wonderful deep teal-green photographed at Larry’s Lakewood Blvd. shop.


CCC-larry-watson-cadillacs-part2-07Bill Ortega shaved the body of the emblems and handles on Larry Watson’s personal 1962 Cadillac before Larry painted the car in a striking black platinum pearl. 


CCC-larry-watson-cadillacs-part2-08Another photo of Larry’s Personal 1962 Cadillac photographed when it was sitting in Tom Shaw’s Cadillac dealer showroom. By now Larry had repainted the car in nitro black and a salt and pepper silver flake roof, although this last cannot really be seen in this photo.



CCC-larry-watson-cadillacs-part2-091960 Cadillac is brilliant silver with a super glossy black roof.



CCC-larry-watson-cadillacs-part2-10Candy dark orange-red 1960 convertible.


CCC-larry-watson-cadillacs-part2-111963 Cadillac in a dark candy red with silver top with the top portion of the top done in either flakes or cobwebbing. Mildly customized with handles and emblems removed and a set of dummy spotlights installed.



CCC-larry-watson-cadillacs-part2-12Larry painted this mostly stock 1963 Cadillac in pearl white.



CCC-larry-watson-cadillacs-part2-131965-66 Cadillac in a wonderful dark warm green at Larry’s Firestone Blvd. shop in Downey.




CCC-larry-watson-cadillacs-part2-16Dark green was used by Larry for Greg Morris’s 1969 Cadillac with black vinyl top.


More Larry Watson painted Cadillac’s from the Larry Watson Personal Photo Collection can be seen in part One.











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  1. Good collection of photos, i remember when gas was that cheap ! i wanna go back to the future !!

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