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Larry Watson 1958 Pontiac


Brilliant off-white Pearl with ice blue outlines on a huge 1858 Pontiac Bonneville.

A 1958 Pontiac Bonneville Sports Coupe is a huge car, people called cars like this a “land yacht”. But this did not prevent Larry Watson to paint this car in off white pearl, a color that made the car optically even bigger than it already was. Larry added fine outlines in ice blue around the body character lines which helped reduce the size of the car for the eye. With these accents Larry was able to make the pearl white painted car look very elegant.
[box_light]This article shows a selection of photos from the Larry Watson Personal Photo Collection. More on Larry’s personal collection can be found in the Larry Watson section on the CCC-Site. Or on the Custom Car Photo Archive.[/box_light]

CCC-Larry-Watson-58-Pontiac-01-WFirst version of the Pontiac Bonneville was done in the off white pearl only.

Before Larry added the pearl white paint the car was slightly customized. The Bonneville scripts on the trunk, and the hood and the trim pieces on top of the front fenders and on the trunk next to the Bonneville script were removed. But the door handles and even the “Bonneville” script on the front fenders was left in place. The car was lowered just the right amount and set on a nice size white wall tires dressed up with 1958 Dodge Lancer hubcaps, with dark blue painted centers. The interior looks the be stock, but there are only three photos of this car in the Lary Watson Collection and none of it shows the interior really well.
The first version of the car was done in the peal white only, but not long after it was done the unidentified owner took the car back to larry to have him add the outline accents.

CCC-Larry-Watson-58-Pontiac-03-WThe Bonneville letters where shaved of the hood and the chrome ornaments on the front fender tops where also removed. The subtile outlines accenting the hood and top of the front fender peaks are just outstanding.



These outlines visually make up for the light main color of the car and optically “section” and lower the car without doing any actual body modifications. Larry added some thin lines in the light blue color surrounding the Pontiac starts on the rear fenders to break up this large section. And he also repeated this on the top of the fenders. The hood peak was also accentuated in the light blue color.




The rear 3/4 photo shows the subtile lines added on the rear quarter panel breaking up this huge section. The raised section on the top that flows into the fake scoop was painted ice blue completely. The car also had a hitch with a  nice chrome cover. Possibly the owner was into speed boats as well. 







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