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Lanny Ericson Color Photos


Lanny Ericson shared some amazing color photos that he came across recently. Photos of his own 1956 Chevy with an amazing Gene Winfield paint, and some color photos of the white with fading green Leroy Goulart Ford.


Jacob Bain visited Lanny Ericson on Feb 09 2015 to talk cars in teh good old day. Lanny mentioned he had recently found a pile of really cool color photos of his old 1956 Chevy. The car was chopped by the Clonis Body shop, but all the other work was done by Gene Winfield and finished in early 1958. Gene created something new on Lanny’s Chevy, a “Blend job”. These amazing color photos show how nice and new this car looked in the late 1950’s.






Lenny also had some color photos of the Leroy Goulart shoebox with the white paintjob and the green fade aways. I had never seen color photos of this version of Leroy’s shobox before. Thank you very much for sharing Lanny, and thank you Jacob Bain for making taking the digital photos.
If you want to see more on Leroy Goulart’s Ford, check out the two part CCC-article on the car.



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2 thoughts on “Lanny Ericson Color Photos

  • Fantastic photos!! I never saw (or never noticed) the fades inside the chrome trim before. Just wonderful! I hope Lanny will be able to get to see the restoration on his car finished soon.

  • i had to admit that before that article, i was sure the paint on Lanny’ 56 was some kind of deep candy with pearl effect in the sun, and the lighter area were reflection !!

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