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Jim Roten Photos 1956 Sacramento Autorama Show

’56 Sacramento Autorama¬†SHOW PHOTOS

Jim Roten from Chico California took a lot of photos of the custom car around him in the mid 1950’s. He also brought his camera to the 1956 Sacramento Autorama¬†show and took dozens of snapshots at Set Up Day.

Jim Roten worked for Riley Collins Body Shop in Chico, California. He owned a wonderful mild 1952 Ford convertible custom, which we will highlight in a separate article in the near future. This car was also the work of his friend Riley Collins. We are very fortunately that Jim loved to take photos. And took many photos of the cars that were created in Riley’s shop, the cars his friends owned. And like we can see in this article the cars he photographed at some of the car shows he visited back in the mid 1950’s. This two part article will cover the photos Jim took at the 1956 Sacramento Autorama¬†Show. Mostly Custom Cars, but Jim also took some photos of the Hot Rods he liked.
So, sit back and enjoy the show!

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CCC-jim-roten-indoorshow-01-WEd Rincon’s 1951 Mercury started by Harry Westergard and finished by Dick Bertolucci. On the left we can see another Westergard custom. Most likely Butler Rugard’s 1946 Chevy. The cars are being polished and prepared for the show during Set Up Day.


CCC-jim-roten-indoorshow-07-WChuck DeWitt’s Barris-built shoebox convertible. Interesting to see it in two tone, with white below the side trim. 1953 Cadillac hubcaps have replaced the wire wheel hubcaps the car used in its original version.


CCC-jim-roten-indoorshow-04-WJack Bertlow from San Jose’s is preparing his Shoebox with 1955 Ford grille. A very nicely done mild custom.


CCC-jim-roten-indoorshow-06-W1952-54 Ford HT with hand made waterfall grille. Very similar to what Sam Barris used in his 1952 Ford convertible.


CCC-jim-roten-indoorshow-10-W21950 Ford sedan with Packard grille. On the left we can see the front fender and bumper of Tom Hocker’s 1940 Ford built by the Barris Kustom Shop.


CCC-jim-roten-indoorshow-24-WBuilt by Harry Westergard and painted white by Dick Bertolucci.


CCC-jim-roten-indoorshow-23-WIvan Scorsur from San Jose home built, channeled ’32 Ford Roadster.


CCC-jim-roten-indoorshow-20-W2Frank Chisello 1952 ford with 1955 Ford grille.


CCC-jim-roten-indoorshow-19-WGeorge Sein’s 1932 Ford 5-window Coupe restyled by the Barris Kustom Shop.


CCC-jim-roten-indoorshow-15-WDon Coulter’s Barris Kutoms restyled 1955 Oldsmobile getting pollished for the show.


CCC-jim-roten-indoorshow-14-WGene Winfield 1950 Mercury with 1951 rear fenders and flipped Lincoln side trim. The floating grille was made from Mercury accessory bumper overriders.


CCC-jim-roten-indoorshow-11-WJoe Bailon created this HT Shoebox for Elton Kantor.


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Check out part two of the Jim Roten 1956 Sacramento Autorama Show article.[/box_light]


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  • I can look at photo’s of cool customs all day long. Saramento has long been the place to show new customs and I’ll be showing my ’52 Fleetline in 2015.

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