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Herb Ogden’s Buick Color Photos


This perfect proportioned 1941 Buick convertible, was originally built by the Pisano brothers in the 1940’s. These color photos are taken in the late 1950’s. They show the car after it was redone by the Barris Kustom Shop, the owner was Herb Ogden.

All 5 color photos are from the Herb Ogden Collection, they show his 1941 Buick was it looked in the later part of the 1950’s. The Pisano brothers built the car in the 1940’s. As far as we know, for themselves. Later in the mid 1950’s, new owner Herb Ogden, took the car to the Barris shop for an update. Fortunately the ’40’s look and feel from the original customizing, was left mostly intact. The Pisano’s chopped the windshield around 3.5 inches, and had a Padded top created. The padded top on the car in the photos, was done by Gaylord’s, and is shaped absolutely perfect with flowing lines, making the car look a mile long. The original version of the car also included a set of teardrop fender skirts.

When Herb took the car to the Barris shop, the tail dragging look was out of fashion, and he wanted the car updated. The skirts were removed, and a set of 1955 Buick hubcaps installed, which changed the look instantly. Barris replaced the stock Buick bumper guards with 1949 Chevy units. Then they created hand shaped laminated lucite taillights to fit holes cut in the Chevy Guards. The drive train was updated with an 1955 Cadillac engine and rear axle. To cool the powerful engine, 6 rows of louvers were cut in the top of the hood. The headlights were frenched, but its unsure when this was done and who did this. The Barris shop was responsible for repainting the car in a really wonderful Burnt Orange color.

Fortunately, this great looking custom is still with us today. In the mid 1980’s, Barry Mazza bought the remains of the Buick. He restored it, together with Joe Gentiempo, Rusty Yacyanick and Bob Eckstandt. They restored the Buick in such a way, they felt  the car most likely would have looked, when the Pisano brothers owned it. After enjoying the gorgeous late 1940’s styled version of this custom for some years, Barry decided to let go of the Buick. A decision he still regrets today. The car is currently in the very good hands of Barris Collector, Kurt McCormick. This restoration Barry Mazza and friends performed in the 1980s, is material for another article for the near future. But lets first take a look at these wonderful color photos from the herb Ogden collection.










CCC-Herb-Ogden-Color-06The photo above show the tribute frame Herb Ogden, made for his old 1941 Buick. A nice wood framed base, showing some of the color photos, his original 1956 Californian License plate, his Kustom’s Los Angels plaque (Herb had two, on bronze and one in Aluminum which is on his display frame. Some old Businescars, Barris crests and the original Appleton spotlights that were used on his Buick.


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2 thoughts on “Herb Ogden’s Buick Color Photos

  • Hi Rik !
    This Buick Roadmaster is icon even without skirts , intresting to see it with a late fifties Cadillac mill , wonder what year that engine is ? I recognise the dual fourbarrel setup , one of my friends had one in his -57 Eldorado but I dont know if that setup came on earlier year engines ? Thanks to Herb Ogden and George Barris and Barry Massa this custom lived on and got stashed for us to enjoy today , what a treat !

    • G’day Wolf , That is indeed a 57 Cad only Dual Quad aircleaner. Hard to find these days. The earlier 55/56 setup had taller snorkels over the carbs. I have a 57 Biarritz equipped with dual quads. It was a no cost option on 57 Eldorados. Many opted for the “economy” of the “standard” single 4 barrel rather than the performance of the thirsty quads. . The fuel guage moves as much as the speedo. Q

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