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Gil Ayala T-Bird restoration start


In October 2014 we reported that the old Gil Ayala 1955 T-Bird was sold, and going to be restored. In November 2014 we can report that the restoration at Yaril’s Customs has begun.

Yaril’s Customs in Miami, Florida is the shop the new owner picked to have the old Gil Ayala T-Bird Custom restored. The car arrived from california at the end of October 2014, an soon after that Owner and fabricator at the shop, Yaril Quintana started working on the car. Yaril started with dismantling the car, removing all the parts that could be removed and then slowly starting to strip the body from the primer and other old layers of paint still on the car.

From the outside it was already evident that there were some rust issues and other age problems that need to be addressed. But once the whole car has been stripped it can really be seen how much work will be needed to get the car back in its show condition from the late 1950’s.
CCC-gil-ayala-yaril-resto-starts-01Arrival of Gil’s old 1955 T-Bird at Yaril’s Customs Shop in Miami Florida.
CCC-gil-ayala-yaril-resto-starts-02A few photos showing some of the work that needs to be done. Rust repair, dents, old filler, and many coats of paint.
CCC-gil-ayala-yaril-resto-starts-03A good look at the custom panel Gil created at the back. The whole rear portion was removed and replaced with this custom rolled panel with set in license plate.
CCC-gil-ayala-yaril-resto-starts-04A great look at how the Ayala’s extended the rear fenders to add the Lincoln taillights. The original rear fender end is still in place.
CCC-gil-ayala-yaril-resto-starts-05The original version of the Wild Bird had a functional hood scoop and louvres. The later version had the scoop and louvres removed for a much smoother look.
CCC-gil-ayala-yaril-resto-starts-06Lots of body work for the new front end to include the Pontiac split bumpers.
CCC-gil-ayala-yaril-resto-starts-07Back side of one of the Pontiac front bumpers show the custom made brackets.
The new owner is still looking for more info, and especially more photos of this Ayala custom from the late 1950’s, or early 1960’s. The more info he has the more accurate the restoration can be done. If you know more about this car, because you saw it back in its heydays, have any old photos of the car, or perhaps know somebody who might know more. Please contact us here at the Custom Car Chronicle, or contact Yaril at Yaril’s Customs. A link to his site can be found at the end of this article.

The new owner is also looking for a donor 55 T-bird, to add the missing parts as, seats, motor, glass and a lot of misc parts.

More photos in the CCC-Forum-Post 

[box_light]Yaril has started a new CCC-Forum-POST where he will keep us posted on the restoration progress of the Gil Ayala 1955 T-Bird. So be sure the check back frequently to make sure you will not miss any thing on yet another exciting old Custom Car restoration. There are already a lot more photos to be seen there right now.[/box_light]








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  • Love Gil Ayalas T Bird. glad its gonna be restored, cant wait to see the car when its done. Yaril thanks for bringing the tread here to Rik to show us in the CCC all the photos from start to when the car is done.

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