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May 10, 2014

Ed Jensons 36 Fords

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Written by: Rik Hoving
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From the Ed Jenson’s wonderful 1940’s Sacramento area photo collection, come these photos of two mildly customized 1936 Ford Coupes.


Jenson’s Collection contained mostly early/mid 1940’s Custom Car and Hot Rod photos from the Sacramento area. Ed was there to witness the “birth” of Customizing with local hero’s as Harry Westergard and George Barris and many others. Be sure to check out the other articles we have done on Ed’s amazing Collection. It shows us how it all started and that the Nor-Call scene was very big in the early 1940’s.

In this article we like to show you two mildly customized 1936 Ford Coupes. Ed has passed away some time ago, and we have never been able to ask him any questions about these photos. So there are no names to go with the cars, and no stories about what happened with the cars later on, or who build them. These photos show the typical every day Custom Car, dressed up with aftermarket parts bought at the local speed shop, and some mild body modifications and possibly a new deep lacquer paint job to make it stand out from the crowd.

Special thanks to Ed Jenson and Tim Cunha for sharing this amazing collection.

The photos in this article come from the Ed Jenson Collection. They were shared by Tim Cunha and scanned by Curtis Leipold. More amazing photos from Ed Jenson 1940’s photo collection can be seen in the Ed Jenson Custom Car Chronicle section.

CCC-ed-jenson-36-ford-01-WThere is only one photo of this 1936 Ford Coupe in Ed’s Collection. This one is customized with mostly dress up parts, but it also has a nice looking set-in license plate with 1939 Ford tear drop taillights mounted next to it. To update the car a bit more a set of 1940 Ford had been mounted as well as a set of tear drop fender skirts. Black wall tires on the back, this photo was taken during WWII so white wall tires where near impossible to find. and ripple disk hubcaps and beauty rings on wide white wall tires on the front.


CCC-ed-jenson-36-ford-06-WThe rest of the photos, or at least as far as we have been able to find out, are from another rather similar mildly customized ’36 Ford Coupe. Most likely this photo shows the owner with the car. He appears in more photos with the car. This is the only photo of this car with fender skirts mounted. Perhaps the hood and solid hood sides have been removed due to overheating of the hopped up flathead during the warm summer month. It appears the car was not lowered. The houses in the background are very nice as well.


CCC-ed-jenson-36-ford-03-WSame guy with the Coupe. This time with the hood and hood sides on the car. Now the fender skirts have been removed, but that might also have been done after it hit something. Noticed the damaged rear fender.


CCC-ed-jenson-36-ford-08-WThe car was taken to a local Body & Fenders Works for repair work on the rear fender. It looks like the owner is on cover alls on the left. Perhaps he worked at this body shop?


CCC-ed-jenson-36-ford-07-WSame location, same car, different people.


CCC-ed-jenson-36-ford-04-WThis photo gives us a nice look at the hopped up engine with the hood and solid hood sides in the up position. Noticed that the ripple disk hubcaps are dented as well.


CCC-ed-jenson-36-ford-05-WAn enlarged section of the above photo shows more details. 



CCC-ed-jenson-36-ford-02-WThis most likely is taken after the repair work on the rear fender, and possibly other parts as well. The ripple disk hubcaps have now been replaced with ripple disk single bar units. and the fender skirts have not been put back on. What a perfect every day Custom, the Ed Jensons 36 Fords.


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  1. Thanks to everyone who came to share these priceless photos. It’s great to see stuff like this!

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