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CCC the first two years


CUSTOM CAR CHRONICLE the first two years


Early July 2013 we, my wife, our technical guy Libsky and myself hit the PUBLISH button for the very first time, the Custom Car Chronicle was ON-LINE.


CCC-custom-car-chronicle-announcingIn June 2013 I announced the Custom Car Chronicle on my Facebook with several images. The first one, with the Louis Bettancourt Mercury was used just to put the subline “the beauty of customizing” out there. The second one, with the Dan Landon Chevy had the “Comming Soon” text which caused a bit of turbulence, and many questions where asked… Some people even thought I was going to do a new book about these two cars…
I cannot believe it has been only two years ago when we started the Custom Car Chronicle. It feels like a lot longer, like the CCC has been around for a much longer time. But it’s not, in early July 2013 the night our son’s summer-vacation started we launched the Custom Car Chronicle on which we had worked over the past few weeks/month. The idea for an online magazine was born about two and a half year ago. When my wife was starting to look into the WordPress website program we realized that the idea for an online Custom Car Magazine would be something we could create completely by¬†ourselves. A long lasting dream became reality. Finding the right name was not to hard, and the Custom Car Chronicle was amongst the first few names we put down on paper, and was favored by the public we asked to judge. The logo I created was first based on a more News Paper looks and feel, but several days before the CCC was launched I did not feel happy about it anymore and decided it needed more body. The image below shows the three logo’s the CCC has had in the first two years. The top one was¬†lasted only a few weeks, and was replaced even before it went on-line. The second one was used for over a year, and now for several month already I have replaced it with a more bold version, one that looks strong and makes a statement. Tomorrow, our son’s summer-vacation will start again, and due to the CCC summer-vacation is even better than it was.
The three versions of the Custom Car Chronicle logo we have used so far. The top one was never seen by the viewers since it was replaced days before the site went online by the second logo. The bottom logo is what is being used for the last half year or so. CCC the first two years.
In the¬†first half year my wife and our technical guy Libsky have been very much involved in the CCC, after the site was up and running it was time for the fun stuff… create content. In the first¬†year we have had our share of technical difficulties, while we were still learning the system and finding out that all the software and hardware needs to be in perfect harmony¬†to make it all work like we wanted. In the last year the CCC is running like a dream,¬†with a few smaller bugs here and there, and once in¬†a while. But overall I’m very happy with it, and I can now fully concentrate on what I like to do best, create Custom Car articles, do the historical research and share the beauty of customizing.

We have made a lot of new friends from all over the world, and CCC-Members make new friends on the CCC all the time. Several new authors have come on board since we started. I want to name Larry Pointer, Tom Nielsen, Memo Ortega, Jamie Barter, Michelle Yiatras, David Zivot and  several more for their fantastic support, and wonderful Custom Car and Hot Related stories we were able to share. We have many more of these personal stories planned for the CCC in the next year. In the past two years we have added over 460 articles on the main site, and numerous topics on the CCC-Forum. We have seen our visitors number grow every day, and our viewers and members are extremely supportive. Which makes us really happy.

CCC-custom-car-chronicle-2years-articlesOpening photos of most of the articles we have created on the Custom Car Chronicle main site. 460, and plenty of more are in the works, planned and coming soon.
We also would like to thank all those CCC-members and viewers who have donated so generous to the Custom Car Chronicle. Without you we would never have been able to get the site to where we are today. We hope we will get more support, in both donations as well as subject material, from our viewers in the future. This will allow us to do more research, create more articles and share the Beauty of Customizing. In the past two years we have been able to discover some long lost customs, identify a few cars, and help car owners with the design on their personal Custom.

We¬†have absolutely enjoyed every moment we spend here on the CCC in the past two years. And we hope you have enjoyed it as well. From the responses we get and the growth in visitor numbers¬†it sure looks¬†you have. And I hope you are as ready for the next two years as we are… The second part of the month of July might¬†see¬†a little¬†less new material than you have become used to¬†in the¬†past half year. Due to some much needed family time, we will take it a little easy on the CCC. But after that we will be full speed ahead again.


Thank you for watching the Custom Car Chronicle. And many thanks for all the sponsors.


Rik Hoving


Rik Hoving

Rik is the CCC editor in chief. As a custom car historian he is researching custom car history for many years. In 2004 he started the Custom Car Photo Archive that has become a place of joy for many custom car enthousiasts. Here at CCC Rik will bring you inspiring articles on the history of custom cars and builders. Like a true photo detective he will show us what's going on in all those amazing photos. He will write stories about everything you want to know in the realm of customizing. In daily life Rik is a Graphic Designer. He is married to the CCC webmaster and the father of a 10 year old son (they are both very happy with his excellent cooking skills)

18 thoughts on “CCC the first two years

  • Hi CCC team !
    Hurray for CCC , 460 articles in two years , a outlandish amount of custom car articles , if I had to wait for that volume of custom car info in regular magazines , I need to be acouple of hundred years old , I admit Im hooked and you are a machine cranking out that number creating and showing the wonderfulness of custom cars .
    YES Im looking forward to the future with CCC , very very interesting times , the best custom car fenomena in a very long time , I wish the very best for you !

  • Wow, only two years? I guess the staggering amount of content and articles you have put out here is what makes it seem longer. What you are doing here is so wonderful and a fantastic addition to the custom car world. I thank you for your efforts to share all this with us and I look forward to many more years to come!!

  • 2 years allready…damn time goes fast. i remember when you started talking about this, and it sure dont feels like over 2 years. but thats how it is when your in good company right
    i wish you all the best off luck doing this..your amazing..
    see you soon

  • Congratulations, Rik and to all who have given Custom Car Chronicle the success that your efforts have absolutely earned. I’m sure I speak for others when I say you’ve brought us back home again. And how validating it is to see the passion in younger customizers and enthusiasts who carry the flame forward.
    Humbly, thanks!
    Larry Pointer

  • I was blind, but now i can see. The best fun i have had in such a long time. Your research and love for what you are doing shines thru on every page. A real credit to you and why i have no hesitation todonatea little when i can afford it. Like Wolf said, you would have to get a thousand magazines to get half the info and resources you have here on the CCC.
    Best of all it always feels like I’m just hanging out with mates. Enjoy your break. Q

  • Rik, thank you for bringing all those great pics & stories to light ! memories for all to enjoy. so many great custom car builders & owners past & present. a tip of the hat to you & staff for making this happen !

  • Allow me to add my congratulations as well. Thank you forkeeping the Custom Car Torch burning.
    Karl aka Torchie

  • I can’t believe it has been two years either man time flys! Keep up the great work Rik it is very much appreciated. Enjoy the time with your family that is something you can never get back if you don’t do it now! Oh and you should offer those two images of Louis’ Merc and Dan’s Chevy as posters!

  • Unbelievable how quickly two years has gone by, Rik! I remember when you mentioned something great was coming to the kustom world, but you wouldn’t spill the beans until the right time…it certainly does not seem like two years ago. I really enjoy seeing your fresh articles and almost daily links posted on Facebook to something new. I want to point out that your approach to documenting the past, present, and future of the kustom world has a distinct style to it that is very thoughtful, organized, and engaging. The details and time that you put into everything you do never cease to amaze me. I’m lucky to call you a friend and honored that my Ford has been featured on this site. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing what you will come up with next ūüôā

  • Thanks Rik. I appreciate all you do. I’d love to be able to share more content from my garage because we all like to see what people are building, but alas, progress is painfully slow.

    Congratulations on two great years! (so far)

  • a big giant happy two year anniversery cake to you rik an your wife esther an libsky for an outstanding job of starting the ccc, it sure has come along way in two wonderful years , every day something pops up for all of us to enjoy in the ccc, wonderful kustom stories an photos from back then an now from kustom shops to the little back yard kustom guys we enjoy them all, thats what makes the ccc outstanding, i remember the first time i met you rik in pomona it was a great day, rik enjoy time with your familly you need a vacation, we all look forward to manny kustom stories an photos from the ccc in the coming future, again congratulations to you an your staff for such a wonderful two years,

  • Congratulations on two years of the “best online magazine” for custom car news, content and historical information. I agree with Tinwolf that it would take a ton of regular magazines to provide what Rik and the staff give us through CCC! I check the site daily and I am always amazed at the great stories and informative articles.

  • HAPPY BRITHDAY to the CUSTOM CAR CHRONICLE , Well Rik what a great achievement you have made with the team of the CUSTOM CAR CHRONICLE. This is by far better then any magazine I have ever bought……!!! Who would of know a site like this would ever be dreamed up….!!

    Rik you will have many more years adding awesome stories here because there are so many more to be told I just can not wait…… Love the CCC

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