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June 28, 2017

Bob Dzemske Photo Collection P1

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Written by: Rik Hoving
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BOB DZEMSKE Photo Collection Part 1


Bob Dzemske has been taking photos from Customs Cars since the later part of the 1950’s. This article shows a selection of these photos, part one… of many.

Bob Dzemske and his son Bob Jr. have been into Custom Cars for many decades. Bob has owned a a great stable of Custom Cars over the year, and always took his trusty camera with him on his visits to the Custom Car shows from the 60′ and 70’s, as well as more recent years. Bob Sr and Jr. have shared some of the most interesting photos of their Collection with the Custom Car Chronicle. We will be sharing these in a series of articles, and hope you will enjoy these as much as we have. Special thanks goes out to Kustoms Illustrated Luke Karosi for scanning the photo.

Gene Winfield’s ’35 Ford Shop truck in 1962 with burgundy fades on the gold fenders.


LeRoy Kemmerer had Gene Winfield create a full custom out of his ’56 Mercury. It become of of Gene’s best known customs, the Jade Idol seen here in its original Winfield trademark fade paint-job in 1962.


Ron Aguirre’s 1956 Corvette X-Sonic with a wild Larry Watson paint job, one of the many Larry would add to this wild show custom.


Ron’ Corvette was not the first custom that used hydraulics to lower its suspension, but it sure was the best known, and a huge success at every car show it went to.


Dave Puhl created this ’54 Oldsmobile for Ralph Ferks of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The car was based on a design by Bob Dzemske Sr. and named “The Startling Starfire”.


Photographed in 1961 is this interesting looking 55 Ford owned by Gord Fiseth.


The start of the Orange Hauler Show Truck.


Bob Dzemske Sr. with the finished Orange Hauler.


Jim Skonzakes (Street) had the Kookie T repainted by Larry Watsen after he bought it. Jim still has the car in 2017.


Don Gajdosz “Hint of Mint’s 1957 Chevy Hard-Top photographed in February 1969.


1956 Lincoln restyled by Dave Puhl and Johnny Malik at Trend Automotive for owner Bob Dzemske Sr.


Color photo of Bob’s Trend restyled Lincoln shows the wild white and orange paint job.


Dave Puhl’s ’56 T-Bird “The Hybrid Bird”, Dave first Custom photographed in 1959.


Carl Casper’s 1951 Chevy “Empress” in September 1961.


Clarence “Chili” Catallo’s ’32 Ford “Silver Sapphire” was created by the Alexander Brothers and photographed in September 1960.


Dick Scully’s 1959 Pontiac Convertible restyled by Dave. The car was named “Purple Passion”.


Unidentified Ford F-100 Custom truck painted off white, or light cream with maroon, or candy red stylish flames and heavy pin-stripping in red.


The complete photos

A lot of the photos in Bob’s Collection have faded considerably over the years. Some have the colors faded, others have yellowed. I have tried to restored the sharpness and colors of the original photos as much as possible. Yes it is still nice to see the original photos as they were scanned by Luke.

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