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Another Classic Barris Survivor




We always get exited when we find out about yet another Classic Custom that has survived. Even if it is only one photo of this unidentified Barris Custom Shoebox convertible.

CCC-Barris-Shoebox-Conv-03-WThe photo of the Barris Surviver that was shared on facebook.


Anthony White shared the “recently” taken photo of this Classic Barris Shoebox custom on his facebook with no information. He was not even sure where and exactly when the photo was taken. We had heard about this hidden Barris Survivor Custom Shoebox convertible custom before. So we were extremely happy to see a photo of it, proving “rumors” were actually facts. Hopefully we will be able to find out who the current owner of the car and in what the condition the car is in now. Its a bit sad to see it being used to store stuff on top of. But at least its all there, in one piece, stored inside and as far as the photo shows well taken care of. If there is anybody out there that knows more about this Barris Survivor, the original owners name, or the current owner, please let us know. We would love to add this information to this great Barris Kustom Shop creation.

Lets tell what we know
This really great looking car never really had a full feature in any of the magazines back in the day. A real shame, since it is a really great looking custom with a very well proportioned padded top.
Only a few photos of the car were ever published. And no information on the original owner was ever listed as far as we know. One front 3/4 view photo taken by Jack Campbell was shown in the 1952 Restyle your car book. This photo shows the use of an Canadian Meteor grille, and a chrome plated grille surround. The car is a rather conservative Custom with only a minimal amount of body work done to it. The headlights and taillights are frenched, the door handles removed as well as the hood and trunk emblems. The windshield is chopped just the right amount and a wonderful shaped padded top is made. Modified, cut down, 1951 Mercury fender skirts were added. The suspension was lowered just the right amount to make the car sit absolutely perfect. A set of Appleton Spotlights wide whites and Cadillac Sombrero hubcaps where mandatory for this era of Custom cars.

CCC-Barris-Shoebox-Conv-01-WJack Campbell photo from the 1952 Restyle your car booklet


CCC-Barris-Shoebox-Conv-04-WBarris Kustoms restyled 1950 Ford Convertible in front of the Barris Atlantic Blvd shop in the early 1950’s.


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