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1974 LA Low Rider Show Part three


A look at the fine Low-Riders created in the early 1970’s. Part three of this series on this collection of black and white Polaroid photos.

The photos in this collection measuring 4.3 by 3/4 inches, all have a wonderful sepia tone to them. After receiving several comments on the first two installments we know now that the sepia is actually an unwanted side-effect. With these black and white Polaroid photos came a small tube with a special protective fluid. Each photo needed to be coated for protection and to make sure the chemical developing process would stop. The sepia sections on the photos are not covered well enough and have changed in color over the years, creating a very nice effect.

Print coater came in a little tube packed with each box of film. In the tube there was a swab, which was soaked in a badly smelling fluid. You opened the tube, took out the swab and started rubbing the just created photo. The liquid dried hard fast and created a “smooth” protective coating. While this fluid was still drying you had to be careful with dust and sand sticking on it.



Lets take a look at ten more photos from this Collection. Most likely the complete collection was photographed at the 1974 Low Rider Show held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. In this series of photos we can see that the cars were displayed in the main arena, as well as in the hallway’s underneath the stands and possibly in the basement or another  display room at the center as well. We can see that besides the Low Riders the show was also open for van’s pick up’s and even some hot rods.

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