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July 7, 2016

2016 Customs and Kustoms Meet


2016 CUSTOMS and KUSTOMS meet


In early July 2016 the first Customs and Kustoms weekend meet was held in Ellos, Sweden. The weekend started rainy, but soon the sun came out and everybody had a great time.


Customs and Kustoms is a meet for traditional custom cars only 1935 to 1964 that was held at the Folks-park in Ellös 1-2 July located on the west coast of Sweden . Ellös Park established in 1953 has long history of danceparty, old cars and sunny summer days but this weekend the weather was abit unstable, in spite of the weather and the fact it is a new started meet several enthusiasts with their custom cars from close by and far away showed up and made the meet to a celebration to the traditional custom cars . With the interest of traditional customs on the raise in Europe this type of meet is needed to collect the kustom art, lifestyle, cloths, model custom cars and music from the era, the 8 person team of Customs and Kustoms set out to create such meet and the result can be seen in the pictures !

CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-01The team behind the first Customs & Kustoms meet: (From the Left to right) Ulf Christiansson, Roger Nordhagen, Stefan Karlsson, Benny Klingede, Lars-Erik Pettersson, Klaus Gardan. Not in the picture but also C&K team-member Stefan Elebrink and Janne Andersson.


CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-03Some of the cars traveled 1000 plus miles from Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway and  the United Kingdom. This photo shows the convoy from Belgium and the Netherlands.


CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-18The event started on Friday, which was very rainy, but later when Bert Gustafsson arrived with his Buick, it started to dry up a bit.


CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-24Two classic chopped Buick arriving at the event.




CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-17Timo Herzi 1958 Ford Ranchero from Finland.


CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-05Palle Johansen brought his new old custom 1939 Lincoln Convertible from Denmark and Clark Devey brought his period perfect 1936 Ford Coupe from the United Kingdom.


CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-021940’s style taildraggers…


CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-04Ulf “Wolf” Christiansson checking out one of the early 1960’s inspired customs at the event.


CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-19Saturday the weather had improved, the sun was out.




CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-20On Saturday some of the guys took the time to go for some local cruising. Here is the Dutch, Belgium and Danish clan creating a nice Line-Up photo opportunity.



CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-22Part of the event was also an indoor model custom car show.


The Awards

The Customs & Kustoms, is not an traditional car show with a lot of trophies to win. It is an weekend gathering of people with Custom Cars from 1935 till 1964. Hanging out and enjoying the cars it the main goal. But the team did decide to hand out a best in class award picked by the organizing team. Three a clock Saturday afternoon the award ceremony was held, three prices for best customs in the three eras set up in the rules ahead of the meet: Early era customs 1935 – 1948, Mid era customs 1949 -1954 and Late era customs 1955 – 1964.

CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-13Clark Devey with wife and little boy took home to the UK, the award for Best Custom in the Early era Custom class with their ’36 Ford coupe.


CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-11Andreas Åberg won the mid era award with his New Panoramic Ford.


CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-08Timo Herzi 1958 Ford Ranchero won the late era award.


Winner of the early era was a family from England Clark Devey, who drove all the way with the youngest toddler in a lovely 1936 Ford 3window chopped top and all the era custom bits and bobs that belongs. The Mid era custom was whisked away by Andréas Åberg with his beautiful New Panoramic Ford that layed down the law when it comes to all the era trimmings . The late era custom was won by Timo Herzi 1958 Ford Ranchero , already an icon in the late era with its Watson style paintjob “to die for” and the pointy Edsel taillights that mached the design beautiful .

CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-06 Saturday evening Fireball Stevens and his Southern Rhythm Boys was on stage ripping off some of the Rockabilly classics in the dance room of Ellös Park!


CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-09Time to go home again after a successful weekend event. Beautiful restyled Cadillac Convertible.


CCC-custom-kustoms-2016-show-07Clark and family taking off on their long trip home to the UKin their beautiful ’36 Ford.


Despite the bad weather at the start of the event, which more than likely kept some of the cars and people home the event was everything the organizing team had hoped for. The location was great, with plenty of space to camp for the weekend, great facilities, and an amazing surrounding scenery for beautiful road trips during the weekend. Lets hope this first Customs & Kustoms event is the start of something that will last for a long time.

Want to see more photos from this event. Click below to visit the CCC-Forum Post about the event.


Photos used in this article by:
Ulf Christiansson, Palle Johansen, Harry Bakker, Per Webb, Bo Bertilsson
and Raven Eliza Hector Vandenabeele.


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  1. Great show with some pure customs. I wish I had something like that here, close to me. Great looking sleds and customs.

  2. Wow, looks like a fantastic event wuth quality kustoms and a nice atmosphere. Thanks for the great pictures and article that shows us what’s going on over there 🙂

  3. thanks rik, an the guys for them great photos , great show, beautyful cars best thing they drive there cars how kool,

  4. Traveling in Sweden from Switzerland for my vacations, made a stop in Ellös, some more photos here :

    Great cars and place and very nice people, will return 🙂


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