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August 6, 2015

2015 Custom Car Line-Up Part 2




The 2015 Custom Car Line-Up at the Old Style Weekend was so spectacular that we need two CCC-Articles to cover it all. Lets take a look at some more photos taken at the little park in Uddevalla, Sweden

In part one we have already told you about how this year Line-Up event had started. The location for the Line-Up was so great that all the photographers most likely took way more photos than they had done in previous years. Photos of the cars in the line up, but also individual shots with perhaps a few of the other cars in the background. The fact that is was possible to walk around the cars and the whole location made this place so much more suitable than the old one. But I guess you have to experience it to find out. Until last year, the old location was as perfect as it could be.

Once everybody had taken enough photos of the actually Line-Up, including the owners posing with the cars in the characteristic Sam Barris pose, it was decided that the location was just to nice not to take the opportunely to shoot each car individual with the opportunely to include the wonderful open water and bridge in the background. One by one each car was called forward to pose on the designated location on the grass.
CCC-2015-line-up-02-03Wolf Christiansson’s 1951 Mercury parked with the bridge in the background.



CCC-2015-line-up-02-05Bert Gustafsson’s 1951 Dodge.


CCC-2015-line-up-02-04Anki Carlsson with her Dick Dean built 1951 Mercury. The former Lee and Sue Lucero Merc.



CCC-2015-line-up-02-06Andreas Åberg’s 1950 Ford “New Panoramic Ford”.



CCC-2015-line-up-02-07Petri Lahti’s 1950 Lincoln.



CCC-2015-line-up-02-08Palle Johansen’s 1947 Cadillac convertible with padded top.



CCC-2015-line-up-02-09Dan Lindberg’ 1946 Ford Coupe.



CCC-2015-line-up-02-10Fredde Östman’s 1947 Ford Coupe.



CCC-2015-line-up-02-11Tim Kirkegaard’s 1939 Mercury.



CCC-2015-line-up-02-12Tomas’s in-progress 1939 Mercury.



CCC-2015-line-up-02-13Lars Kjær’s 1936 Ford 3-window coupe. (the new 32 Ford)


After the cars had been posed individually for the photographers and other enthusiasts the cars where all lined up in a circle form around a center stone in the park. Another great look and perfect photo opportunity. Regular visitors from the park, who where there to catch some fish, exercise or just enjoyed the wonderful weather with nice breeze coming from the water where all enjoying the spectacle very much as well. But when we asked them to clear the era so the photographers had the chance to take clear pictures they all, but two really cooperated. One of the older guys kept coming back to the cars and kept annoying the photographers, but in the end after some strong Swedish words he finally got it and moved out of view.
CCC-2015-line-up-02-27Palle Johansen took this photo of the Circle of Custom Cars shortly after all the cars were parked and the owners and friends are about to move away to enjoy the view and let the photographers take their pictures.


The other person who was not really planning to leave the scene was an orderly lady who came to the park with her nordic walking sticks. And she came towards the lined up cars very determined. We asked her polite to please leave the scene for not so that we could do our work, and she was more than welcome to look at the cars after that. But no, that would not work for here. One of the other local visitors to the park knew the old lady and offered to talk to here. But even that did not help. She had seen the cars arrive to the park from here home a mile or so from the park. And she decided to take a closer look at those wonderful machines, and nothing could stop her now. She took the time to walk up to each of the cars, walk around them and look inside, studying each and every detail. It was actually kind of nice to see here do this and it was obvious she really liked what she saw. I started to take some more close up photos and individual photos of the cars so she did not really bother me all that much. After she had studied all the cars she was ready to leave the scene, and we could take the overview photos. Later she talked a bit to Palle, letting him know she really liked the cars, and especially the interiors with so much metal inside… quite different than all that plastic in todays cars. She hung out in the park for as long as we stayed there, and when we where ready to go, she was at the gate and waved us good-bye… I think we all really made here day.
CCC-2015-line-up-02-20The old lady arriving at Andreas’ his Shoebox Ford, she made sure that she would not scratch the cars with here Nordic Walking sticks.


CCC-2015-line-up-02-19The “volunteer” from the audience walked towards the old Lady to ask here kindly to leave. “No… I came walking all this way, and now I want to look at the cars.”


CCC-2015-line-up-02-16Anki overlooking the circle of Custom Cars with her Dick Dean ’51 Mercury in the background.


CCC-2015-line-up-02-17Bert’s ’51 Dodge is a spectacular sight no matter from which angle you look at it, but I think the rear 3/4 view is my personal favorite view. This location and parked with some other fine Customs made it even more special.



CCC-2015-line-up-02-18The candy purple on the Dick Dean Mercury looked so great in the sun.


CCC-2015-line-up-02-21The organizer of the event Wolf had an absolutely blast seeing his ’51 Mercury looking great surrounded with all the other great looking custom cars in this fantastic location.


CCC-2015-line-up-02-22The rain we had had the day before had affected the primer on Petri’s Lincoln making it look like an old Custom Car.


CCC-2015-line-up-02-23And after everybody had taken enough photos and we all enjoyed looking at the Custom Cars in this great place it was time to go, and get ready for the Hill Climb races. Here Bert Gustafsson is leaving the park in the background.


CCC-2015-line-up-02-24Parked outside the park and waiting for all to get ready to leave for a bite to eat. I think this photo of Fredde Östman and Linda Karlsson shows how much everybody had enjoyed this years Line-Up event.


CCC-2015-line-up-02-25And on our way to get a bit to eat… this photo was taken thru the mail-slot rear window of Palle Johansen’s 1947 Cadillac.


Go back to part ONE of the 2015 Custom Car Line-Up photo-shoot…


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