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1940s Hot Rod scrapbook


An amazing collection of 1940’s Hot Rod and Customs snapshots was shared to Harley Peters at an El Mirage event in 2014

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]arley Peters from the UK visited El Mirage during his holiday to California. While there he started to talk to an older guy. They talked about the history and how much Harley loved this old stuff, and how his visit to El Mirage was like a long last dream come true. The the older guy says “do you guy’s want to see my dads old album from here.”

We have already done an CCC-Article on the amazing Gil Ayala 1942-46 Ford from this Collection and now it is time to show some of the rest of this amazing album. Hot Rods, Bikes and a few people shots.

This is what Harley had to tell about his encounter with the older guy sharing his old man’s scrapbook.
He told Harley he remembered these photo’s from when he was a kid. They were always in a shoebox and after his father passed he put them in the photo album to show people who were interested.
When Harley opened the album he nearly had a heart attack. In there were some of the best photo’s he had ever seen, real street scenes, of 40’s bikes and street roadsters and a few Customs!
Sadly there was no way to copy or scan the pictures down there at El Mirage, so all Harley could do was to photograph them with his cell-phone-camera. Hareley was so excited he even forgot to ask the guys name or even his father name. So we cannot give proper credit for these amazing photos. If you happen to know the owner of this album, please let us know so we can add a name to this collection.
The guys father must have had some great friends back then. Judging the photos that were taken over a period of time, he hung out with quite a few names in the business.

The photos taken with the cell phone are not the best quality… but they are still amazing to see. Thank you Harley for sharing this amazing Hot Rod scrapbook.









Rik Hoving

Rik is the CCC editor in chief. As a custom car historian he is researching custom car history for many years. In 2004 he started the Custom Car Photo Archive that has become a place of joy for many custom car enthousiasts. Here at CCC Rik will bring you inspiring articles on the history of custom cars and builders. Like a true photo detective he will show us what's going on in all those amazing photos. He will write stories about everything you want to know in the realm of customizing. In daily life Rik is a Graphic Designer. He is married to the CCC webmaster and the father of a 10 year old son (they are both very happy with his excellent cooking skills)

4 thoughts on “1940s Hot Rod scrapbook

  • Yes… really truly awesome!!

    The look back of “as it were”, really let’s one in on such the variation of theme. I especially like the Whitewall with Blackwall tire combinations. Probably done with regards to functionality and what’s on hand, other than as a particular style choice.

    Any word as of yet regarding the owner of “this scrapbook”?

    Thanks for the share Harley.

    • Yes the owners name most likely is: George Bentley. We found out when we did an article on Gil Ayala’s 1942 Ford. The September issue of Street Rodder magazine shows a few photos of this scrapbook, including one of the Gil Ayala 1942, which is similar to the one from the album in this article. George was listed as the owner.

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