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Overman Lincoln to be Restored




The Valley Custom Shop restyled Ina Mae Overman 1952 Lincoln surfaced around 2006. In April 2018 the Custom was shipped to Manns Restorations for a full Restoration.

In early April 2018 we received an email from Larry Gesiakowski, that the Ina Mae Overman, Valley Custom Shop restyled 1952 had found a new home, and was set out to be restored by Manns Restorations in St Louis. We know it must have been very hard for Larry to part with the Valley Custom Shop Lincoln, since he had looked forward to do a complete restoration on the car himself in his own WGM Auto shop in Chicago, Illinois. Larry had the plan to do the restoration ever since he bought the car back in 2008, but sometimes life just gets in the way, and plans have to be adjusted along the way. The car had been in very good hands with Larry, and it was stored indoors, and well taken care off. But Larry also knew that it really needed to be restored. So for some time the car had been offered for sale.

The new owner plans to do a full restoration to the final gold version created by the Valley Custom Shop. This is the most logic version to restore the car back to,since all the modifications done to the car as it sits now was done by the Valley Custom Shop crew, and it would be a shame to take off some of that work to turn it back to the earliest version. The new owner selected Manns Restorations to do the restoration work. Manns has recently done an absolutely beautiful job restoring the Sam Barris 1950 Buick for Kurt McCormick, and at the moment they are working on the Dick Fowler, Barris Custom Shop created 1938 Ford Coupe, and they also have the Barris Jim Seaton 1955 Chevy for an overhaul in the shop.

We will be following the restoration process at the Manns Restoration Shop on the Custom Car Chronicle Forum, and update with photos and news as often as we can. For more information and photos of the history of the Ina Mae Overman 1952 Lincoln, check out the Three Part Story we did on the car a few years ago.

Loading the Lincoln into the Manns Restorations trailer at Larry Gesiakowski’s shop.

The three versions of the Overman Lincoln, the last version, painted gold, is how the car will be restored to again.

Arrived safely at the Manns Restoration Shop in Saint Louis.

Original photos of how the restored car will look again.

Follow the restoration process on the CCC-Forum



Rik Hoving

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5 thoughts on “Overman Lincoln to be Restored

  • This is great news I’ve always liked this car and will be happy to see it restored to its former glory. I do hope they are rebuilding the engine that is in there now. Cause we all know the engine is a VERY important part of a historical or period style custom or hotrod. Despite what some recent historians say.

    • About 3 or 4 buyers back the owner removed the original engine and it’s unknown as to what had happened to it. The car currently has a 390. Hopefully, they can find a 52 Lincoln engine and rebuild it using the specs and parts list from the Carl Fleishman receipts.

  • Very good news Indeed.
    And as we have seen from previous Manns restoration this car is in Great Hands.
    Looking for ward to progress pics.

  • Looking forward to following this restoration and seeing another historic kustom re-glorified. This car still had some growing to do on me…sometimes I really dig the look, but the mix of the radiused rear wheel openings and continental kit are interesting. Not ugly by any means- just different, in my opinion. I like the rest of the kustom tricks and the gold is killer. Nice to see a Valley Custom Shop build being restored 🙂

  • The engine in the pics isn’t the original. If you review some of the pics on the CCC you will come across a pic of a red Y block with finned Mark I rocker covers as well as the receipt from Flieschmann’s for the engine rebuild in 1954. I believe it’s the intention to restore the drivetrain back to this configuration.

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