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Larry Watson Sixties Corvettes


Larry Watson painted hundreds of cars in his long career, including a whole range of Corvettes. Lets take a look at some of these colorful Corvettes from the 1960’s that Larry put his magic touch on.

Back in the late 1950’s up into the early 1970’s it was rather common to have your Corvette’s customized in any way. There were some wild customs based on Corvette’s in that period, but what you saw mostly were Corvettes updated with nice wheels and tires and wonderful new colors. Larry Watson has painted dozens of Corvettes during this period. Most of them, especially from the mid 1960’s and up, in single color. But others were done with wonderful fades, or two toned with Candy, pearl and metalflake paints. Fortunately Larry took a lot of photos from these corvettes. We have selected a range of side views of these colorful corvettes for you to enjoy. Perhaps a bit hard to look at for Corvette purists…. but we love every bit about them.

[box_light]This article shows a selection of Corvette Sports Cars that were painted by Larry Watson. The photos come from the Larry Watson Personal Photo Collection. More on Larry’s personal collection can be found in the Larry Watson section on the CCC-Site. Or on the Custom Car Photo Archive.[/box_light]


























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One thought on “Larry Watson Sixties Corvettes

  • Holy smokes! Can you imagine what it would have been like to cruise a brand-new Sting Ray coated in a Larry Watson custom colour? Corvette purists won’t give this a second look, but Corvette enthusiasts will line up with custom fans to drool and dream..!

    Thanks Larry and thanks Rik. These are beautiful!


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