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Unique Kustoms Sacramento Car Club Jacket from the 1950s.

Chip Chipman send us a link for a really unique Kustoms Sacramento Jacked offered for sale on ETSY by Vintage on Hollywood shop. I had never seen a Jacket with a Kustoms Sacramento crest, let alone a Kustoms Sacramento crest at all. I knew about the Customs Sacramento Club, with Customs written with a “C”, but I had never seen it being written with a “K”, and being used as club logo on a jacket. This means that this Kustoms Sacramento club must have had multiple members.

The back side of the jacket with the beautiful embroidered Kustoms Sacramento and crest.

George and Sam Barris were originally located in Sacramento, and George learned the Custom techniques from local body man including Harry Westergard. We know that George and Sam build their first Custom Cars while still living in Sacramento, and we have heard the stories about the first club started in Sacramento. Kustoms Sacramento was started before George moved to Los Angles around 1943. And when George moved to Los Angles he formed the Kustoms Los Angeles club there. We know that George had a Kustoms Los Angeles plaque on his 1941 Buick shortly after the war. The Kustoms Sacramento club kept going after George had left Sacramento.

Unique is to see that the crest shape is very similar to the one Barris used, but lacking all the detail inside. The jacket is offered as being a 1950’s Vintage jacket, and most likely it dates back to 1952, or younger. There is very little information known on the Kustoms or Customs Sacramento Car Club(s). In fact I know of only one Custom Car that had a Customs Sacramento plaque on it, that is the 1947 Cadillac Dick Bertolucci (from Sacramento) created for Tony Sestito. (shown at the end of this article)

On the front of the jacket the name Boyd was embroidered… who is/was Boyd? And what kind of Custom did he drive?


Description as given on the Vintage on Hollywood Etsy page

1950’s Vintage ‘Western Sportswear’ Black Chain Stitched ‘Capital City’ Car Club Gabardine Ricky Jacket.

This jacket is Good vintage condition with minor signs of wear, a few very small holes and pulls throughout and very very minor sun fading across shoulders, nearly unnoticeable. (See photos)

Strong fabric, vibrant colors, and the chain-stitching is also in great condition, no fraying or loose threads, with the exception of a spot of discoloration. The satin lining is fully intact and also in good condition.

This jacket has a great metal zipper, two flap pockets, original buttons, and a small amount of shoulder padding.

Shoulder to Shoulder: 18”
Underarm to Underarm (Across Front): 21 1/4”
Outer Sleeve Length (Shoulder Edge to Cuff Edge): 23 1/2”
Top to Bottom Length (From Neck Fold): 24 1/4”












The big questions are:

  • When exactly was the Kustoms Sacramento Club formed.
  • When was this Kustoms Sacramento Jacket created, most likely in the 1950’s, and after 1952?
  • Who was Boyd, the original owner of this jacket, and what car did he drive?
  • Where Kustoms Sacramento and Customs Sacramento the same club?
  • Who else were members of the Kustoms Sacramento Club?

If you have any answer to these questions, or know more about this jacket, or the Kustoms Sacramento Club, then please send Rik an email, we would love to add the information to the Custom Car Chronicle website for everybody to enjoy.

Tony Sestito 1947 Cadillac restyled by Dick Bertolucci had a Customs Scaramento club plaque in the early 1950’s when it was photographed.


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3 thoughts on “Kustoms Sacramento Jacket

  • Very interesting…I wonder if it was an early attempt of Kustoms, LA growing- before the Kustoms of America. There was such a connection with Sacramento between Barris and his roots that maybe he was planning to open a chapter up north? We can clearly see the Barris crest…interesting find 🙂

  • Kevin Bennett

    I believe this could be a “fantasy” piece. There are sellers on Etsy that appear to find old jackets and do period style embroidery on them. I saw another car club jacket where the name of the club was a blend of two actual club names. I don’t think they are necessarily attempting to cheat anyone, and there is a market for this type of thing in the rockabilly circles.

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