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1951 Barris Custom Car Study Trip part 2




In 1951 George Barris visited several European countries for his design study trip. Italy, Germany and France were visited. And young George was seriously inspired and immersed himself in the European atmosphere, This is PART TWO, showing more of George his car related snapshot of the trip.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n this second part of the 1951 Study trip by George Barris we show you some more of the car related snapshots George took on this trip. George took many photos of the cars he saw on the streets that caught his interest. Some perhaps more ordinary European cars that were completely new for George, others more exclusive models, and even hand made coachbuilt cars. And George took many photos of the work shops he visited during this trip in Germany, Italy and France.
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Absorbing everything he saw and experiencing whit whole trip, this would definitely change the way he looked at cars from then on. The most tricking of these photos is that no matter what the things he saw and captured in these snapshot influenced him in the design of the Barris Kustom Shop creates from then on. We will share a nice selection of photos in this article, and we adding new parts to the story very soon. Lets take a look at some of the photos of the Barris Custom Car Study Trip…

CCC-george-barris-eu-trip02-19Brett Barris with the shoebox titled “George Europe” filled with snapshots, postcards and tourist photo albums George brought with him from his visit in 1951.










Workshop photos

George must have really loved to check out the workshops of the Couch-builders he was visiting during his trip. He took many photos of the process they used to manufacture one off parts, or “small” production car bodies to be fitted onto factory chassis.










Many thanks to Brett Barris for scanning and sharing these photos with the Custom Car Chronicle.

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  • Awesome, photos George really was ahead of his time, and to think he took the time to search out other methods of Coach building. as seen in these photos proves he was always trying to think outside the box for his customs.

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