RIP Mike Alexander


Mike Alexander from the famous Alexander Bros Custom Shop passed away on July 18, 2014

Dennis Heapy informed us today that his good friend, famous Custom Car builder, Mike Alexander had passed away at 10 o clock in the morning on Friday July 18, 2014.
We are so sad to hear we have lost yet another of our Custom Car Legends. RIP Mike Alexander

Our deepest condolences go out to Mike Alexander’s family and friends.

Mike Alexander was born in Detroit 1933. Mike had three brothers.
Mike and his older brother Larry Alexander started the Alexander Brothers Custom Shop in 1957. Mike loved to do the mechanical part in the shop.
Mike brother Larry, the other half of the Alexander Brothers shop passed away in August, 2010.

CCC-rip-mike-alexander-01Larry and Mike Alexander

Downshift video

CCC-rip-mike-alexander-03Larry on the left and Mike on the right discussing a new taillight treatment in front of their Custom Shop.

Online Obituary for Mike P. Alexander



Finding the Alexandria


Based on a 1955 Ford four door custom car designer Harry Bradley designed a wild shop truck for the Detroit based Alexander Brothers’ Custom Shop.


In the early 1960’s Mike and Larry Alexander teamed up with Harry Bradley to create another uniquely restyled custom creation. Based on a 1955 Ford four door sedan and using parts from many other vehicles Harry Bradley designed the “Alexandria” for the shop. Quite a bit of time was spend on the project, and the overal shape was very clearly visable in the few photos that have since been published on this project. But no photos of the finished project. Simply because the shop never finished the car. In order to generate some money needed for a move into a new shop the project was sold and nothing of it was ever seen again.

Joey Ukrop has been discussing the Alexandria with Mike Alexander and decided to go on a hunt for it. Trying to find out what happend to the car after it was sold, and ultimately finding out if it is still around today.

Joe is sharing some amazing photos of the Alexandria from Mike Alexanders personal collection on the HAMB. Check out the HAMB article there and share as much as possible. Hopefully the right people will see it and hopefully more will be known about the car and its fate in days, weeks to come.

Two of the many photos from the Mike Alexander Collection shared on the HAMB.