The mailman surprised me this morning with a wonderful package. The Rodder’s Journal SCRAPBOOK. The book that I have been waiting for for a LONG time. Well the wait was well worth it. The book is really fantastic!


A box full of amazing photographs
A job very well done by the Rodder’s Journal team, and especially Curt Iseli. An amazing amount of snapshots is combined in this book. Snapshots from all over the US taken at car shows, drag races at homes and just on the street. As a custom car enthusiast I was really looking forward for some amazing photo’s of custom cars. Especially since it was announced the book would have 480 pages.



Okay there is one but…
But as with the rest of the Rodder’s Journal content the majority of the content is about hot rod’s and race cars. And there is unfortunately not a nice 33.3% share for each of these categories as I feel both the magazine and especially this book really should have. I guess that was just some wishful thinking…

Box_v5_1Sessions_v3_1However, this book is still worth the money despite the fact there are more hot rod and race car photos in it. The choice of material used in the book is really great to look at. I’m also really happy the photos in the book are not over retouched. Most of the photos still have all the stains, scratches and torn edges they had when they were scanned. This really makes the book give you a feeling of an old scrapbook.

So if you have not yet ordered this fantastic book I can strongly advice you to do so. Despite the fact that the number of custom car related photos is relatively low the custom car material that is featured is very welcome. Here is the place to go to  I took some photos of some of the pages I really enjoyed so far and added the pages the Rodder’s Journal team had shared online. Let us know what you think!

gaucher_v7_7 Howard_v2_1 Crawford_v6_1Hellmuth_v5_10

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