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Red for Passion


You’ve got to love the Swedes. The’ve invented beds that fit into a Mini (courtesy of Ikea) and they’re the master of nail-biting crime-series (a lot of that credit goes to Denmark too). It’s the land of Pippi Longstocking, mind blowing design, nature is ‘quite’ beautiful, they’re really in to hot rods and custom cars….and  its Volvo country.

Here’s some great video footage. See if you can find the living crash test dummy, the recurring female form that fits just wonderfully in the safety belts and the happily smokings men in their otherwise very safe Volvo’s.






Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Esther is our design, art, fashion and other none-car-related-topics contributor. She is an art historian with a degree in Asian Contemporary Art , a communication professional with extensive experience in design, contemporary art, communications and events and a personal coach. She is infected with the custom car and hot rod virus (an unavoidable result of being married to Rik Hoving) but (due to being a coach and all) especially likes the stories about the people who built them.

One thought on “Red for Passion

  • regarding “red for passion”. At .34 seconds it is fascinating to see that model car in bright red. In California we never saw that commercial, and it seemed that model Volvo only came in one color, light brown.

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