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July 7, 2018

Weesner Custom Art

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Written by: Rik Hoving
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Weesner designs and creates beautiful and very inspiring Custom Car artwork. Often based on Custom Car Icons from the past, his Designs are being copied into real Customs more and more.

We have done an article on the beautiful Custom Car art of Keith Weesner, from Thousand Oaks, California in the past. But since then he has created a great number – we don’t even have enough space to cover them all – of new and exciting Custom Car related Illustrations and painting. Lets take a closer look at some of the most recent Weesner pieces, and some older artwork he came across while looking for inspiration and shared with the world. So get ready for some increadible Weesner Custom Art… and get inspired.

SHOEBOX obsesion

Sketch page from ’91- Keith’s ’50 with sort of a big n littles/rake… Below that a new Caddie, an imagined Caddie, his Comet and a ’40s pickup in a freeway scene…


Grille options for Keith’s 1950 Ford…. He went for number 1.


Little front view concept of my ’50 from mid ’90s.


This it the drawing Keith gave to Scott Guildner in ’96 when he dropped off his ’50 Ford with him. The only difference is that at that time he hadn’t decided on ’50 Mercury bumpers yet.


Color illustration of the Weesner Shoebox for the  Rodder’s Journal catalog.


Detail of Keith’s Shoebox illustration.


Heavy chopped padded top Shoebox in the city at night.


Keith made this for Dave York up in Canada. His Ford is bitchin, almost like a Weesner Illustration coming to live.


Keith did the initial work on this one while waiting at the Chili’s at O’Hare Airport… waiting for his flight.


Another one with very much inspired on Keith’s own Shoebox. I love the detailed Art-Deco building in the background, and the large Weesner sign on the large brick wall behind the car.


Keith drew this Shoebox quite some time ago, but recently added a few new touches.


Very interesting concept, much like the Joe Bailon Shampoo Truck. Home made Ranchero convertible.


Very inspirational design elements on this Hard-Toped Shoebox.


36 Fords

Little ’36 Cabriolet custom in the much beloved Westergard style.

Ultimate Westergard style roadster with Du Valle windshield. According to Keith he spend part of his day was designing a beaded gown for this 1.5” tall lady.


2018 Color painting of a similar Westergard styled ’36 Ford Roadster, but this time with Packard grille.


Jamie Couture commissioned Keith Weesner to make a drawing of his grandfather’s Custom ’36 Ford.


1940 Fords

Early 40’s style ’39-40 Ford convertible with heavy chopped padded top.


1940 Ford Coupe done right with chopped top, 46 Ford bumpers, ’39 windshield frame and the perfect stance.


1941 – 1948 Fords

Another painting idea doodle created while waiting for something.




Sketch for the one below.


I shared this in the first article we did on Keith’s artwork, but since we now have the original sketch shown above, I liked to add it here again as well… and this one is just so nice… It does not hurt showing it twice.


“A custom ’48 Ford Sportsman with a Carson top! No one could, would, or would ever want to, but I can draw it, what the hell!”


Color painting might have been inspired by the Sam Gates Coupe.


Nice ’47 Ford Convertible with cubic background. Keith Later made some changes to this one, including darker paint, before selling it on his website.


One of my personal favorites… A light colored ’41 Coupe with a lovey Speed-Boat Stance Olds Inspired grille and a perfect resemblance of some Sombrero like aftermarket hubcaps.


Looks Like Gil Ayala’s 42 and some Barris beauties have been used for inspiration on this cool looking coupe.


Gorgeous red ’41 with Olds grille parked in a perfect setting.


1949-51 Mercury

1950 Mercury convertible in the works.


The finished artwork…


Beautiful Sam Barris inspired Mercury…


2018 piece with large bullet shaped bumper guards acting as grille.


Keith drew this one  while he was having an exhibition in the Outré Gallery.

Keith created several special paintings for his exhibition in the Outré Gallery show, including this black Merc with beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house.


“Merc Convertible”


Keith had a Metropolitan in the late ’80s. This sketch is from around then, he recently found it again in the corner of an Art Center sketchbook…


Piece he did of his Dad’s ’62 Comet magazine project car‭ in ’96.


Econoline with ‘35 Ford pickup roof and custom grille makes an very interesting hauler for the Weesner Interior Design Shop.


Another one for the Outré Gallery show.


“Fair Lane” was also created specially to be displayed at the Outré Gallery show.


More Info…

For more information about Keith Weesner Artwork, the Art and other product he is selling, and how he can be hired for commission work check out the Keith Weesner Website,  or his Bigcartel selling prints website. You can also follow Keith on Instagram (@weesner1958 instagram) to keep up to date with his latest art.



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  1. I really like Keith’s traditional custom designs. Especially the convertibles and shoeboxes with a “heavy chop”.


  2. Keith certainly has a “feel” for the customs of the era as well as the architecture to properly fill the scenes. His artwork has a deceptively simple look to them – very tough to accomplish successfully.. I love his work! Now, if he would just put a ’41 Merc. front end on one of those chopped sweethearts..



  3. I love Weesner work’s ! so poetic..


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